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Dreamland listeners will remember "Sandy" as the retired veterinarian who is a lifelong experiencer. Her story was featured in Rob MacGregor’s book, Bump In The Night. In this episode of The Experience, we catch up with Sandy and find out how she is progressing in her schooling with the Visitors.

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  1. What a great dialogue! Going
    What a great dialogue! Going to have to listen again, there were so many things to think about. How confirming it was to hear you talk about the sparkling energy that I call the Golden Sparklies. I don’t see forms, but the whole atmosphere is permeated with tiny whirling little tubes of light brighter than the sun that leave little trails behind them. I think when we see them we have somehow raised our frequency of vibration so that we can see them with our physical eyes- or maybe our third eye. But for sure they are there . I hope Sandy can come back on soon, I’d like to hear you all talk about synchronicity and paradigm shifts-two of my favorite topics, oh yes, you might ask her about the Trickster.

  2. Good back and forth between
    Good back and forth between you and Sandy. It’s made me reconsider the whole “sleep paralysis” experience in a entirely new way.This happened only one time to me.It felt like a large amount of electricity going through my body, pinning my chin down to my neck and “whoever or whatever” was in the room with me I got the distinct impression that it was conveying” Is this what you want? Well here it is..”( this was in the mid 90’s,I had been pondering and reading a lot of books ,which some of those books now I question the validity of the material and the means used to access said material. I had asked in a roundabout way for “something” to happen). I of course, in my terror thought that meant “ little doctors coming from planet X doing horrible things to me”in some context. After listening to Sandy, I may have misconstrude the whole meaning of this experience. Maybe it was an opportunity to awaken something within myself through interaction with “the other” and perhaps in my terror, I dropped the ball. I don’t know.

    1. gr8 surprise isn’t it
      gr8 surprise isn’t it t.elf.its funny what we ask or hope and even yearn for and what we get.Good read i to was mad reading up on these matters but to explain what ,who,how and why me .thanks enjoyed your post .

  3. Nothing is more difficult
    Nothing is more difficult than letting go of our own egos and allowing ourselves to follow our paths of authenticity. We set our own traps and roadblocks. I am speaking as a person who is aware of this in herself. Yes, bummer, but as Sandy said, “Awareness is everything.” We are here to experience and wake up to what we are, and I am also glad that Sandy emphasized nature and also getting past fear. It takes work.

    ‘…Very little grows on jagged

    rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up
    where you are. You’ve been

    stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender.’

    Very interesting interview…

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