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Given the huge number of prophecies that don’t come true, it would be fair to say that they aren’t random, but actually anti-probable–in effect, less likely to happen than random events.

That’s why Joe Gooch was pretty stunned when a personal prophecy he got from a spiritualist medium years ago unexpectedly came true. Listen as he tells the eerie and thrilling story of a medium who was no fake, and a prophecy that rocked his world.

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  1. For those interested, here’s
    For those interested, here’s the blog post about unsolvable math & universal truths being the connection between worlds.

    And while I was looking for that I found the post about music fading in and out with each eye opening and closing from last week’s episode, which I will also post in that show thread.

    1. Stay with it Joe Gooch and
      Stay with it Joe Gooch and give your abilities time to fully develop. I like the following quote…….

      The important thing is not to stop questioning.
      – Albert Einstein

      I received an e-mail on Thursday that included a link to an interview with Robert Redford. In this interview he talks about his new movie, ‘The Discovery,’ Mysteries Of The Afterlife….…BUT he also talks about how DREAMS have been and remain a big part of his life.

      In one specific dream he sees the face of his deceased mom. He recognizes her face BUT does not think it is really her. HOW I WISH HE WOULD HAVE GONE FURTHER INTO THE REASON WHY.

      1. Thank you! I will stay with
        Thank you! I will stay with it and keep you posted.
        Thanks for the redford info, I’ll check it out.
        All the best

    2. Jeremy, Joe Gooch is one of
      Jeremy, Joe Gooch is one of your all-time best guests! His first appearance with (I’ve forgotten – the experiencer lady) was informative and hilarious (“Join the Mantis People”), and he outdoes himself here in a one-on-one.
      Please have him back often if you will. (And I would LOVE to hear his opinion on the Instant Band and the Toilet Elf!)

  2. Hi, I liked that about the
    Hi, I liked that about the Closing the eyes and having the music turn on and off.
    I think it is because our brains have limited whiteboard space, so if it is being used for your eyes, then it is not available for psychic sights and sounds to be displayed.

    About the Light on the ship or whatever, I am wondering how it compares to the lighting in a lucid dream. Since you are not seeing with your physical eyes in a lucid dream. And maybe you are not seeing with your physical eyes during some experiences.

    I had been wondering if anyone else had that experience of the feeling of energy rushing to the top of your head when you listen to certain music. I like the radio turning on theory.

  3. ‘Maybe it’s us’ seems
    ‘Maybe it’s us’ seems somewhat an inadequate explanation when the very reason these phenomena seem to stand out in our consciousness is because they seem to be so ‘not us’. They stand out for that very reason, for being incredibly intimate yet incredibly distant at the same time. Perhaps they’re trying to tell us that we’re not who we think we are, and every inadequate explanation is just a reflection of our own inadequate identity. ‘Maybe it’s us’ may be true in an ultimate sense, but can an identity we’re not identified with suffice to solve the mystery?

  4. I had just returned from a
    I had just returned from a good friends funeral. Woody was 36 and two weeks after an MD prescribed anti-depression meds he put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. I never knew him as anything but positive. I was devastated and angry. Returning from the funeral I went in my office and switched on the computer to listen to Pandora. I got nothing. The computer was dead. Woody was our go to computer guy and would come over and fix anything that went wrong for a glass of wine and a home cooked meal. As I stared at the blank screen I screamed at the top of my lungs “Woody where are you?” I walked to the living room and switched on radio. I had not played it in ages preferring Pandora over ads. The first thing I heard was “I’m over on the other side. Where life and death softly divide.
    Left my skin and bones behind Now I’m over on the other side.” I stood frozen as I listened to the Don Conoscenti’s song The Other Side. I’d never heard him or the song before but I’m sure Woody answered my question and I had tremendous peace wash over me. I use the lyrics now at every passing-over celebration I attend.
    The Peace that passes all understanding be with you all,

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