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This week’s interview is an exclusive with a name you’ve been hearing a lot on this show: Lehua Lopez. On this episode we will learn about what it takes to think native in the "modern" world, get a taste of Hawaiian Mysticism, and hear a reality about Hawaiian mythology the likes of which even Joseph Campbell did not understand: the gods and demigods may be psychological archetypes, but… they are also real on their own terms.

From Whitley: this is an absolutely terrific interview!

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  1. Fascinating interview, one of
    Fascinating interview, one of the best! Lehua is a fantastic guest, please have her on regularly!

    1. I agree with Tourmalinequeen
      I agree with Tourmalinequeen – and Whitley. Lehua reminds us of all the knowledge that we don’t know. Was like hearing a wonderful storyteller who can bridge the gap between ancient knowledge and present-day. Thank you!

  2. Science derives its energy
    Science derives its energy from fact. Esoteric culture derives its energy from belief. Neither the facts nor the beliefs are what’s important. It’s the energy that’s important. The energy derived from belief has a preserving effect on a culture. The energy derived from fact creates a culture of change.

    The reason the energy of belief preserves a culture is because those beliefs put that culture in touch with deeper Life-principles, the form of which may not comport with the ‘facts’, but these Life-principles are not concerned with ‘facts’, but with the cultures access to their preserving and sustaining energy.

    The fact-based culture is not self-sustaining, but self-changing. Its energy continually challenges itself to reject, to modify, to reorient. By its very nature it cuts itself off from preserving and thus sustaining influences. This movement is reflected in the individual members of that culture being cut off from deeper Life-principles within them.

    Nature often uses opposites to arrive at a symbiotic whole that neither half could have achieved alone. I believe the unique amalgam of both energies will soon open doors to humanity that have never been opened before, and that neither culture could have opened alone.

    1. Define “energy.” I’m not
      Define “energy.” I’m not clear on what that means in this context.

      1. Motivation. The motivation
        Motivation. The motivation around which the culture is built.

  3. Thank you!
    Thank you!

  4. This was a great interview.
    This was a great interview. I would have liked to hear more about the polarity of the dark, light, masculine, feminine.

    Jeremy, as you talked about in your conclusion, something about all these stories as well as all types of high strangeness stories seem to have common elements, such as the similar creation stories. It seems to me that as these elements are repeated throughout history, we don’t seem to understand the significance of these events. Are we applying cultural bias on the same phenomena? Are we just completely missing the point because we do not have the correct perspective? Maybe, if it is from some intelligence, this is why it is repeated over and again. It is like a parent teaching a child by repetition until the child begins to learn. However, it could just be a natural phenomena that we experience over and over again, each time imparting a cultural significance to it. While we are trying to see it for what it may be, its true nature is not understood because we aren’t looking at it correctly.

  5. I really enjoyed Lehua’s
    I really enjoyed Lehua’s infectious, positive outlook and energy! If any of you have not yet listened to ‘Dreamland’ this week, it dovetails nicely with this interview, and they have a lot in common. Since I have already posted on the ‘Dreamland’ comments for this week about Our Hidden Past: Did Mankind START in Australia? (I believe it did), if you are interested, hop over there and read my comments…They are relevant to ‘The Experience’ this week.

    Lehua is a great storyteller…and anytime anyone mentions White Buffalo Calf Woman, even in passing, I sit up and take notice due my own experiences with her several years ago. (I did not go looking for her, but she found me). I would love to hear more from Lehua in the future, Jeremy! Thanks!

  6. Wonderful interview. Lehua
    Wonderful interview. Lehua is an ingratiating, articulate and interesting speaker.

    Like so many, MANY things in Unknown Country, Lehua’s belief that her ancestors dreamed routes to cross the ocean was a concept I first encountered in Jane Roberts’ Seth material. Seth spoke of early humans (not Hawaiians, per se) doing just that, of exploring the Earth first through dreams.

    1. syzygy2, I would go so far as
      syzygy2, I would go so far as to say that exploring the Universe (and other realms) first through dreams is going on right now for many of us…

    1. Cosmic Librarian, I’d agree
      Cosmic Librarian, I’d agree that exploration of reality, physical and non-physical, continues on. And thanks for the info about Lucid Dreaming Day.

      Seth’s material also included the concept that the gods are real, in their own right. *All* of them.

      1. syzygy2…Yes, they are
        syzygy2…Yes, they are ‘real’, and anyone who reads The Bible and thinks that Yahweh, Jehovah, and ‘God’ are all the same may want to read it all again, with totally secular, objective eyes. And there is no way that the god in the Old Testament is the same as ‘God’ in the New Testament. By the time I was 12 years old, I started questioning that one—kind of a Good Cop/Bad Cop thing going on…:-)

  7. Loved this rarely discussed
    Loved this rarely discussed topic! Seldom are Native Americans talked about in terms of their religious beliefs. You never hear any real discussions involving many of the tribes in Hawaii. I lived in Hawaii for about three years. All of this is a real shame because understanding tribal people would be a great stepping stone for our society. I see so many people that think false things about tribal people. I also see people applying false things concerning Christianity and the Bible. No doubt because they don’t understand tribalism and how it works.
    It is a really great hallmark when she talked about certain Hawaiian children being raised to preform a specific function in the tribe. This is also true of other tribes.

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