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Picking up where we left off last week, we continue to explore the questions surrounding how we define human nature and the consequence of not fulfilling it, using your listener feedback.

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  1. Hey Jeremy,
    I havent even

    Hey Jeremy,
    I havent even gotten into the show yet and have come to the OBVIOUS realization that Madame Pele says… NOT IN MY BACKYARD YOU ROCKET PEOPLE!

  2. If I understand, you are
    If I understand, you are saying that there are two ways of thinking, one of which is always looking for solutions to problems that it’s created, and another, that’s whole and therefore isn’t involved in this never-ending quest for resolution. The problem-based mind has got us to where we are, which isn’t sustainable, and any attempt to find a solution to that is just more of the same. I get that, but it’s hard to imagine the alternative you’re describing as a way of organizing society. Isn’t it possible to live in both modes of thinking/being? The problem, to me, is that we spend all of our time in a discursive, me-based way of thinking and being. In reality, we live simultaneously in a world of plurality, where we are all individuated and separate on the one hand, and at the same there’s a level of our existence that transcends all of that. So to me the “answer” isn’t to live exclusively in one realm or the other, but to live in balance between those two realms.

  3. It seems to me that we
    It seems to me that we already live between those two realms. We now try to balance our every day survival with our spiritual or inner whole self. These two modes seem to be in conflict, or at least non-compatible. And not everybody has the same idea of what it means to be whole or how to achieve it. Any ideas on how we can bring the two in balance, especially if Jeremy is right and we are mired in our ways of mind.

  4. Jeremy, this is a brilliant
    Jeremy, this is a brilliant show. You are utterly correct, I feel, as I’ve had enough experiences of oneness to know that. However, I’m still “not there” in an ongoing way.
    What’s keeping me going is working with a group of people who know this & are doing practices to awaken. Awakening is truly a mystery, but I do believe we can help it along. Do you agree?

  5. Solange, your points are
    Solange, your points are important. Experiencing oneness … even briefly, changes a person.

    It might be like Helen Keller finally understanding the letters being written on her hand… w-a-t-e-r …. what it is. For Helen Keller, i do not know, but imagne that moment was an opening up to a greater awareness … which oneness is, and as Whitley and Anne have been giving account as well… what death is. (Note that these change us greatly within… which is reflected in the outer self as well. But the changes are huge and take time to assimilate. That is a factor.. time. )

    The experience of life before her coming to wholeness.. as i understand Helen Keller’s experience… ended that moment of tremendous insight – when she came to herself in this life and world. Helen changed in a remarkable way at that moment… and though she still lived with the same physical restrictions, she connected and understood that everything has a word, there is meaning and sense and purpose. She opened within her self in a way i can only fathom through guessing.

    She is a new person… who doesn’t “forget” how it was before that moment… but has moved into a more complete awareness. Oneness is such an experience… direct, pertinent, and changes how you are in this world… it is a WHOLE NEW WAY of being… possible because you are changed.

    I know (with my mind) nothing about “awakening” as such… so i cannot speak of that aspect of what you wrote above. I don’t even know what “awakening” means, though i have heard it many times. Is it to come “to oneself”? or is it to come out of a “dream”way of being? Or something else? How is awakening different from being?

    Jeremy, thanks for what you are doing. This whole series gives insight into mind – which is not “being”. You do a great job with difficult stuff. The mind seems primarily concerned with that which life requires for physical survival. And we think that is all there is… a physical life, mind, world, way of being. So we develop thinking skills for greater ability to live in society, work, etc. And other skills to be “human with other human beings” which are relationship skills. Clearly we need these to survive.

    The concept / idea/ whatever it is “called” – that there is more to living than the immediate bodily functions… leads to the reality that there is more than just physical life. Some may argue it… Some are taught it through religions, or philosophy, science, math, medicine, psychiatry, etc. It is recognized that there is something more than body… more than mind… meaning perhaps sums it up… and no one can give another meaning… one must seek it for oneself. To be who one is… means to begin to know thyself.

    I guess but do not “know” why… oneness… occurs or why the time when it occurs for someone. I know some people who meditate may experience it. I suspect some mathematicians do, and some scientists do, some radio show hosts do, some mothers do… etc. So what makes them experience it and others do not?

    Perhaps because first deeply explore life, body mind and spirit… then they let go of preconceived ideas (if they had some) about what life is about… and develop some “practice” which allows them to just “be”. A slowing down probably occurs by having any expectation of what might happen or when or how to control it. It is as you said so succinctly… dying to one “self” … the way one thinks it should be… and coming to what is.

    Listening to your shows has been a great process to self-understand. To reflect on both experience and mind, body, spirit and interpretations of the interactions. Perhaps that is why i like it so much… because i am learning. And all the guests, commenters, etc. help me to grow. I am far from knowing all that much… but really just trying to live what i “know” and be who i am … deep within lived outwardly. AND NO ONE KNOWS that is what i try to do… just as i do not know what anyone else is trying to do. We are all alike… with quite minor differences… which make life beautiful, interesting, and wonderful.

  6. Perhaps being embedded in the
    Perhaps being embedded in the brain culture is the reason why the visitor phenomenon is such a shattering experience. Could the non-sensical nature of our experiences be so because they could not, nor were ever meant to be, interpreted by this culture which extends all the way back to the analogy of the tree of knowledge? To be answered, the heart must, like the butterfly, emerge (again).

  7. So, Jeremy. I was curious
    So, Jeremy. I was curious about the current volcano activity in Hawaii and pulled this up today, “5/13/18 12:04 am earthquake update dutchsinse.” WOW! I don’t know what to believe? Could he be right about the USGS? To tell you the truth it would NOT surprise me at all…….

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