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Aliens. A Goddess. The Self. There is a mirror in your hand, and the mirror is you. The reflection is a lot of things. What lies behind is waiting to be discovered. This episode, we get a glimpse of that discovery.

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  1. I found this helpful
    I found this helpful discussion of transformed self, explaining many of my previous questions. Thanks!

    As to the team offering to be interviewed, are you able to shelve your own prejudices? While it is true that hypnosis usually proves nothing, it isn’t therefore the case that all people who have been hypnotized are void of valid experience. If you get the sense that this group has experiences that go beyond only hypnosis, then by all means interview them.

    1. I believe you’re right. Just
      I believe you’re right. Just to be clear, my other bigger concern is that they presented themselves as hesitant to even speak publicly at all for fear of ridicule, etc. … and then next thing I know, they agree to do it and send me a video of their group that is edited like a calling card for a TV show. Suddenly, they’re ready for their closeup? And on top of that, they have hypnotists in the group, which I simply cannot promote.

      But yes, I do agree that experiencers are still experiencers whether they’ve had hypnosis or not. I’m just reading the evidence, which shows that what they’re calling up via hypnosis about their encounters is hugely unreliable even though it feels real. Maybe we can keep it to that conversation, or to their “unenhanced” memories.

      1. Hey Jeremy,
        I had written a

        Hey Jeremy,
        I had written a whole shpeel(sp) i my 12 year old humor self just to be “pink messaged” away from the post.
        As for hypnosis, I can see if one has the session with the “therapist” alone- that can be always questioned. BUT…. if there is a person with the one being hypnotized, at least its safer that way. The question turns out from the information taken: A) is it the remembrance of real events B) implanted or “guided” memories C) a replay of an episode from Mayberry RFD ?
        As for the “group,” I learned a skill as a guild leader from an online game. After 5 minutes of questions, you can kinda get a vibe on people, unless they are very good pathological liars. The whole situation does smack of self-promotion. I err on the side of caution. do the show and listen to it. There is no real need to air it if it “feels” wrong. Then its a matter of saving it for a more appropriate time.
        Currently, Im listening to stuff about reptoids and the Antartic nonsense. That brings to mind what Werner von Braun said about false flag enemies.
        And thanks for the “clenched butthole” comment.
        Rock on,

        1. HG,
          although i have never

          although i have never heard / read of “pink messaged” – i suspect it was me you referred to.

          I am sorry. I didn’t mean to interfere with your message. I will be much more careful and hopefully aware before i write. Please forgive my ignorance.

      2. Jeremy,
        Are you able to share

        Are you able to share the video, or did the group want anonymity on that as well? Or is it possibly on YouTube? I understand your reluctance due to the video…Another ‘selfie’ moment?

        As for hypnotism: How do you feel about self-hypnosis? Years ago I purchased a tape that put you through some steps for ‘past-life’ regression. It made no suggestions at all, other than following certain steps and allowing things to unfold. I had already remembered other lives (I prefer ‘other lives’ rather than ‘past lives’), but I wanted to go deeper, but this tape really broke down the walls over a period of weeks and a lot came flooding through. (One caveat though: You may have sleep disturbances for a while!). After that, other lives came through during meditation, and I also began to have spontaneous ‘memories’ a few years ago. Whether these memories are ‘real’ or not is a whole other issue, but I have found them to be helpful with certain life situations and people in my life.

  2. No doubt Aliens have been a
    No doubt Aliens have been a part of our history and will continue to be a part of this planet. There are other life forms that we do not include in our concepts of life and I wonder if this is what people consider to be God. It could also be considered Alien because it is alive and yet not physical.
    All of all religion for the most have slaughter except a few include various forms of Slaughter. Christianity includes a major slaughter by slaughtering gods son. You look at the Aztecs, the incas, the mayans, the druids and various Roman polytheism it all includes slaughter of some kind. This could make some sort of statement has to the role of the Aliens. It could be our energy is of use to something else. I also think our energy has power.
    It does appear that they like genetic harvesting and collecting various animals. It could be the visitors are collecting and producing other forms of things to manufacture energy to make the God or the controller appeased. Those are some of my thoughts has i’m listening to you.
    The tree of knowledge and the tree of life tends to be present in more than one religion to include the Nordic religion.

  3. i love it , all under the
    i love it , all under the umbrella of entertainment!

  4. I am also in agreement with
    I am also in agreement with Michael E on the question of interviewing the team members. Great question Jeremy! (How would a heart culture react to a nonsensical experience?) Could whatever force that was behind the contactee experience have punched it up a level with the abduction experience because our culture was trying to suppress both the plot and the message? Also, which is more absurd: Acrobats vaulting out of a closet and leaving the message “take care of the earth” or a child proclaiming itself to be the most rational “end of all children” gift to the world while his mother lay dying?

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