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What began as a simple riff on subscriber comments from the previous episode has become a 2-part exploration and explanation of what wholeness means. This is a deconstruction of the illusions of what we commonly say it takes to "get there." This is not what the gurus teach in spiritual workshops–it’s what they don’t understand in the first place.

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  1. I am delighted that you have
    I am delighted that you have come up with this 2 part series!

  2. Hey Jeremy,
    Heres a question:

    Hey Jeremy,
    Heres a question: Have you ever made a decision based on the consequence of a previous choice along a similar line? something like, ok, I like so called “mexican” food such as tacos so i should like menudo, right? And when I find out what it is… ummm, no.
    If you combine the thought of what Whitley says with the kookiness of the Trickster AND the variations of the “experience”, i think that will yield that answer. i can only try to paraphrase: you have a question that you cant just answer, but there must be an answer… the exercise of mulling it about stretches the mind and makes us better.
    Soooooo the variance of the experience & the manipulation from the trickster ends up being a service when trying to unravel the enigma. Is that being on the “journey?”
    I like the rambling ….

  3. oops…. Ive been
    oops…. Ive been distracted.

  4. I was actually agreeing with
    I was actually agreeing with you and applaud your efforts in our undoing. I was not stating a savior mentality. I don’t believe anyone or anything is going to take us to the promised land. Who promised us that anyway. We are responsible for our own transgressions. I just meant that maybe we could benefit from an opinion outside of our own egocentric perceptions. I also believe that fear of dying or the unknown is a major obstacle in the way of our development. I don’t think, however, that we will pass into the next transition point unless we enter it openly and without reservation. I also believe time as we perceive it is an illusion. Love the show.

  5. I am only 30 minutes into the
    I am only 30 minutes into the audio, but a thought occurs to me. I take your point that our present ego or persona is not what goes forward. Or at least, I tend to have little or no *conscious* memories of past incarnations.

    Yet on the other hand, there is someone within “me” who has always been a crazy Anglophile (even though I am American), weeps when he hears “Rule, Britannia!”, feels rooted in the UK, and would kneel if Queen Elizabeth walked into the room. None of that makes any sense to me, but I feel it, and suspect “I” was British once.

    Have you read Robert Monroe? He wrote of having multiple personalities within him, not ordinarily known consciously, but nevertheless present within, each playing their part in a kind of group soul.

    My question is, what dwells below, within, under the tip of the iceberg that is our current ego?

  6. I appreciate the ‘echo’
    I appreciate the ‘echo’ effect and the feedback!

    I agree that our choices may be limited, and maybe a case can be made that our main choice (perhaps our only one) is how we react to all those things (EVERYTHING), where we have an illusion of choice, ha,ha. So I’m sticking to that one, and also in continuing observation mode, whenever possible, as well as making mistakes, usually on a daily basis. The word ‘surrender’ has become important to me too. ‘Surrender’, by the way, is not equated with ‘giving up’, and it has taken me years to get that while also forgetting to surrender, also usually on a daily basis.It’s not natural for my ego to surrender OR to give up. But I forgive myself anyway. “To err is human to forgive is…” Well, you know.

  7. (Part two) In other words,
    (Part two) In other words, Jeremy, there is One who says, “I am no longer Anne. But I will always be Anne for you.” This One is experienced by Whitley as often in similar personality as the Anne he knew. Apparently *something* endures sharing some kind of continuity with that physical incarnation of Anne, though I do not know what that something is.

  8. 6.9-magnitude quake,
    6.9-magnitude quake, eruptions prompt state of emergency on Big Island

    6.9-magnitude quake, which happened about 12:30 p.m., was the largest in Hawaii since 1975 and generated small tsunami waves around the Big Island. Hawaii County Civil Defense said sea fluctuations ranged from 8 inches in Hilo to 16 inches at Kapoho.

    I hope Jeremy and his loved ones are safe!

    1. Thanks for asking. We’re
      Thanks for asking. We’re fine. If we didn’t see the news we’d have never even known the apocalypse was nigh. Truly strange. We haven’t even felt the earthquakes.

  9. Your feedback gives breadth,
    Your feedback gives breadth, depth, and clarity. You are a clear thinker and able to bring your processing forward. That is quite a gift you have. Though i suspect it hasn’t always been received as such. Thanks (redundancy reigns! : ) Jeremy.

  10. Jeremy, glad to hear y’all
    Jeremy, glad to hear y’all are ok. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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