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We pick up where we left off in "Marie’s" chronology of lifelong high strangeness experiences. The depth of experience is on full display here, as are new possibilities, new clues about the nature of certain phenomena and the nature of our responses to them.

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  1. I’m pulling this over from
    I’m pulling this over from part 1 because I think it makes more sense here, particularly regarding the last comments (I’m leaving out the Kansas song because people are probably getting tired of that).

    Hi Harley, maybe the time is coming when we can stop seeing the subjective and the objective as just another dichotomy, another dualistic trap. This has been the case for too long. Maybe even the advanced esoteric cultures of the past went too far in rejecting the objective (material) world as too unreal, just as ‘we’ have went too far rejecting the subjective (non-material) world as too unreal. There should be, and probably is, a point of balance between the two on an individual and collective basis, that gives due importance to each, but no undue importance to either. Maybe ultimately everything is subjective, but if we embrace that, it comes close to declaring everything as objective. Ultimately we decide, but do we bind ourselves to our own decisions when we make that declaration? Who are we to decide, when we mistake Living Death for Life, and Ignorance for Knowledge?

    Regarding the fear associated with these encounters, I believe they originate in the physical consciousness. The clue to that was when they pulled Marie out of body and the fear vanished. The physical consciousness is that consciousness which is wrapped fully in the material world. The nature of that consciousness is limitation, and it has a very fragile hold on Life (the morose but poetic term I used for this in the post above is ‘Living Death’), which is when we take that physical consciousness to be all of Life.

    The reason there was no fear as a young child is because as children our consciousness is not fully immersed in the physical yet. Since our physical body is still developing it does not yet have the ability to function fully and autonomously in the outer world, so there is no reason for it to be fully enveloped by physical consciousness, but when we mature this becomes a necessity, The fragile nature of the physicals hold on Life makes the fear natural when confronted by such an unknown.

    In the ancient Indian texts, the outer world (physical, matter) is referred to as ‘the infant of a year’ one of the main differences between the ‘heart cultures’ and the ‘mind culture’ of the present that Jeremy refers to is that the heart cultures knew they were infants. In the modern culture we are the same infants, but pretending to be adults. (the ‘child of innocence’ in the Kansas song is referring to this consciousness, and assuring it there is more to Life than it presently perceives. (Go check it out!)

    1. Hey Steve44,
      you saw me

      Hey Steve44,
      you saw me coming. =)
      Personally, I didnt get as much from the song as i did the album cover. A mosaic of things creating a face. Im simple and pictures speak volumes. Which kinda lights up my original musing… what if there isnt a real connection save 1: the mosaic creates life. As in, “you are the sum of your experiences” kinda biz. With multiple lifetimes, thats gotta be ALOT of experiences. Its such a broad swash to include all things that would be “life.”
      Ok, now its time to get back to “Marie” =)

      1. Hi Harley, the cover art is
        Hi Harley, the cover art is actually a famous painting titled ‘Water’ by Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. To me it has always represented the egoic identity; a diverse amalgam of limited desires, motivations, hungers, not necessarily harmonious with each other, yet forming a coherent structure to the outer human personality. It’s not until we can get beneath all of that to a more spiritual or elevated foundation of our personality that we can receive and assimilate, or indeed comprehend a higher purpose to our lives.

  2. Listened to part one again.
    Listened to part one again. Great show! I am currently unable to download this part but I can’t wait to hear it.

  3. Downloads are working fine,
    Downloads are working fine, Andy. If the problem seems to be at our end, write and let us know what’s happening.

  4. Thank you. . . It works fine
    Thank you. . . It works fine on the full site. It may be a problem with my mobile device.

  5. Currently, I am having the
    Currently, I am having the following problems with ‘The Experience’ page…

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    1). On the Full Site, the link to the MP3 does not work (‘The page cannot be found’ error) and no streaming is available.
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    3). On the Mobile site, the MP3 download button is present but the link does not work (‘The page cannot be found’ error) and there is no streaming available.

    At least on the Full Site, the download link works fine 🙂 I have tried this with Chrome and IE on a Windows 7 PC, and using Chrome on an Android phone with the same results. I have emailed the address above too.

  6. Marie and Jeremy, this was a
    Marie and Jeremy, this was a really great show. Marie, thank you for sharing your experiences. Jeremy your questions are astute. Part of “being human” is mutual support/aide often provided by the act of really deep listening… which occurs here by both Jeremy and the listeners.

    Are these experiences helping us to raise broad questions? Pardon me as i use Whitley and Anne’s current experiences: What’s it all about? What does being alive mean?being dead? Is Anne alive though she is dead? Of course, refining the understanding raises more defining questions… So then, what does life provide us… and what does death provide us? Really important it seems, that we not just “accept the prevailing explanations given by the sciences and religions… there is more than each special area covers alone. Broad general questions… more and more refined questions… and importantly… Whitley showing the need to keep on keeping on…

    Of course, subjectivity is at the heart of the experiences of every person… is there a need to understand what it is all about – but recognizing that which is “commonly shared” and that which is unique to an individual? Do we look at these opposites -ignoring what they may teach us so that we can “know more fully what it is to be alive and to be human?” It is also part of the listeners…

    Is it all about raising “questioning minds”?

    Is it also learning about ourselves and how we “poison the well” in our mind…

    Then of course, we have the inability to “know the answers- as yet” which are true and which are figments of our imagination. Do we attribute particular purposes to the behaviors of the “visitors”? Since we may be referring to beings whose basis is different from our common human ones, can we infer their truths and understandings? Even if they speak clearly what it is, will we believe them? What are our bias toward “other” and how does that affect our experiencers?

    And there are a variety of layers … that some things are not what they seem… nor are they what we interpret them to be… experiences show this fairly often… how do we move forward with that?

    Are there experiencers who ask questions and get answers? These might be really helpful and lead us forward and not so much standing in place or walking in circles. And, have we ever been able to ask questions and get answers from beings other than humans? Maybe if we could…./did we could make some accurate projections about the beings who create these experiences. …. is it really all about us? only us?

    1. Just remember not so much
      Just remember not so much dreamer, there can be no answer if there’s no question.

  7. Hey Jeremy,
    And of course,

    Hey Jeremy,
    And of course, YEAH Marie!!
    Marie mentioned a language. I recall this, and Im sorry this will be tainted…
    I recall 2 things:
    1) i recall a “math” that I had a full page of there were || and -| dots and laid down “7”
    or a right angle. During “hypnosis” I had requested the question, what is that?
    My answer was the magnetic field energy of the planet. Ive since lost track of that page.
    2) I have a “geometric” (and I just snapped to this) mosaic assembled from different shapes stuck together. i saved it as an item in my spiral bound notes. That one and a half moon over |||
    I can send those to you if you are interested.

    so, we are back to why was important for me to have that? Was it FOR me or FOR someone else?


    1. Hi Harley, wouldn’t a better
      Hi Harley, wouldn’t a better question be not who was it for but what was it for? To me, and I haven’t had a similar experience, but it sounds like it might be a symbology which allows you to link to a higher mental plane from the one you’re used to being on. Maybe it’s just a record induced by the movement of your return after an induced experience, but maybe you can use it to go back on your own. Just guessing.

  8. hey Steve44,
    Take this with a

    hey Steve44,
    Take this with a full grain of salt. Maybe a full salt lick.
    I think the “math” was something I acquired some 26,000 years ago. I have bits and pieces of pictures. I was Dr. E. Yeah, I remember some other lives but only as glimpses or faded photos. I recall the clear emerald water within channels. I recall sitting in a boat looking down at rocks along the bottom of said channel. i remember a large golden colored round glass window in my home. I remember green in the sky. I believe it was the foundation of some pyramid structure. I am certain these exist world wide. BUT… cell towers have done them an injustice. AND.. if i could post pictures here, I would have already done so. Im sure someone will know what that mosaic is.
    Personal note: there are too many “I”s in there. ego.

    1. Hey, I might have been one of
      Hey, I might have been one of the those rocks you were looking at (waves). Seriously, those are cool memories. I hope we get another golden age around here in the next couple hundred years. It’s been a long time…

  9. Marie’s experiences in the
    Marie’s experiences in the field with the smoky mist, as well as the things that occurred after she spent a day literally digging in the dirt put the question in my mind again of why some people have experiences that are filled with fear and terror, and others do not. I only remember one experience where I felt terrified, and that was the one when I was 4 and a large bunny had taken my sister’s place in the bed beside me. After that, weirdness grew and grew, and continues to this day; however, I only felt deep fear that one time. (Which leads me to think that was some kind of test.) I never developed a fear of bunnies, and later we had rabbits as pets.

    Some questions that I would like to see addressed with the guests have to do with their relationship to nature, and living things in particular, starting at a very young age. I’ve had a close relationship with living things since i was very small, and I grew up in a part of Texas where there were a lot of poisonous snakes and just about everything that crawled, flew, or slithered around could cause harm. I observed, watched, and studied them all. The only thing I feared when I was little was spiders, and I got over that by studying them and realizing that they were very aware of me. We also had dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, and a goat. I loved them all, including the so-called creepy-crawlies that I collected and observed.

    Any thoughts on this? Is our relationship to other living things also a key to whether or not we become terrified with highly strange experiences? If you can’t deal with a spider that is much smaller than you and that you could crush with your shoe, how are you going to react to beings like the Grays?

    1. Hi Cosmic, the western
      Hi Cosmic, the western cultural zeitgeist is lacking in introspection. It feels the only appropriate reaction to fear is violence, because that’s a movement toward domination, which it feels is all-important. It does not seek to learn from nature apart from the need to dominate it, so it never sees the dangers inherent in nature actually reflect a wisdom that is more loving than hostile, or that fear is not something we need to react to violently, but something we need to learn from wisely.

    2. Hi Cosmic,
      Yes, I am deeply

      Hi Cosmic,
      Yes, I am deeply connected to nature and always have been. I spent an enormous amount of time on that land by myself, even as a very little girl. To this day, I enjoy camping and hiking alone and feel the intense beauty of this planet. As you indicate, I am also deeply aware of consciousness at every level- plants to spiders to mountain lions…
      I am not sure how this relates to the visitor experience, but I think your sense that it might be is worth more conversation. BTW I have only had one encounter while camping and in that instance I was not alone…

      1. Marie, thanks for your
        Marie, thanks for your input!
        I know that Jeremy often discusses indigenous peoples and their perspectives in regards to being with nature and unusual experiences, but I feel that there are some of us who aren’t indigenous, but are attuned in ways similar to indigenous people. At some point in our respective bloodlines, we were all indigenous people. While our environment and how we are raised plays a huge part, some of us may be tuning in to important genetic coding buried within our physical bodies that may be manifesting as strange experiences, and perhaps it could be reactivated by cues from the natural world and how we respond to them.

  10. The files that stopped
    The files that stopped working were removed by a hacker who has access to our audio service. This site was not hacked. They are having trouble closing the hacker down.

  11. You were seeing the trees’
    You were seeing the trees’ aura. All life forms have auras. Sometimes I ask trees to see and am honored by their acquiesce. You slipped into an altered state in the auto; I suspect many others (including me) have seen strangeness when in that state.

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