John Randall returns, this time not as an experiencer, but as the illustrator who brought to life host Jeremy Vaeni’s children’s book, The Story of Toe: A Love Story for Everyone. Join John and Jeremy as they give insight into the children’s book as well as the book it first appeared in, Jeremy’s, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction. But first…

Is it just them or has the world gone completely mad? They’ll explore that question after John tells of a recent harrowing encounter with a mad man!

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  1. John Randall and Jeremy, I have been thinking about this interview. Sigmund Freud felt the (ID) to be part of the human experience/personality. WAS HE CORRECT, NOT CORRECT AT ALL OR ONLY PARTS OF HIS IDEA ABOUT THE ID CORRECT? If he was right about this then how do we as a species change that fiercely embedded part of us? Also, if he was right, is this what is wrong with so many people in the world today? Do some people have the ability to get past this while others simply do NOT have that ability?????? Only a few thoughts.

  2. Just yesterday morning my partner and I discussed, much of what was discussed here. This has been an ongoing discussion for us for quite a while.

    Let’s talk COVID 19…I worked in public health long enough to know and not be surprised by what I am seeing right now with COVID. I was a specialist in outreach and education, and I came in contact with medical providers, parents, first responders, school nurses, and the general public. I was an expert on vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, and remember well the H1N1 pandemic. As compared to COVID, H1N1 was no big deal, but the behavior that I witnessed back then was just as crazy. I also learned that people didn’t think that measles was a big deal, and to forget vaccines because they were dangerous. Never mind the fact that the reason that measles is no longer a big problem in the U.S. is because of—vaccine. And also never mind that as recently as 2018, more than 140,000 people died worldwide of the measles. But, hey, if you’re an American, out of sight, out of mind, and who cares about Africa, Ukraine, and other nations? It’s not “our” problem. Now COVID is so in our face that it cannot be ignored, but it can be made political, and interfere with “freedom”. Live however you want, even if it kills grandma, your neighbor, or your best friend. But not you. Never you…You’re free!

    What is at the heart of so much going on right now is people’s realization that they can’t control everything. They no longer respect and live with nature and the idea that we have no control over it, so the one way we can get control is by directing control over others. Part of nature is death. That is one thing that everyone will face. Death is the ultimate annihilation. If you also treat death with great fear there is little room for love and compassion. I see the opposite of love not as hate, but as fear. What we are really seeing is a pandemic of fear, which began long before COVID. As a result, many people now see ‘freedom’ as being at ‘liberty’ to do whatever they darn well please, and screw everyone and everything else.

    As for obvious lying, conspiracy theories, QAnon, etc., they are another way of gaining control, by controlling the narrative of what is perceived as reality. They are also part of the ‘blame game’. Many are reluctant to be held responsible for what they say or do (or what is going on with the nation and world at large) so the easy way out is to blame others. Hitler used ‘blame’ tragically, and to great effect. If everything is someone else’s fault, you absolve yourself completely.

    John, I am so glad that the incident in your driveway was resolved without violence, but it speaks of so much going on during this perilous time, and of the importance of keeping centered and balanced when everything in your physical body says otherwise.

    Thanks to John and Jeremy! And John and his wife make lovely art too, so everyone take a look at their site—it will do your heart good…

    “I’m here”. That’s a reminder of a mysterious message that Jeremy got during the roundtable with John and Susan—and me. I’m here, are you?


      1. Vinny…This hit me many years ago, and I realized the truth of it. I have my moments of being judgmental just like many people, but viewing hate as fear helped me to temper my own feelings and be more compassionate towards others—and myself.

    1. Hi Cosmic Librarian, I truly appreciate your input( as well as Carollee and everyone).I’m glad that the incident didn’t escalate into something irreversible. I think that unfortunately the economic situation is adding to the despondency of those living from paycheck to paycheck and in turn acting out on others. On a more positive note, I truly appreciate you checking out my and Elaine’s website! The childhood round table episode was a fun and insightful episode to participate in and hopefully we can do another one down the road). Be well. 🙂

  3. I bought a bunch of Krishnamurti books just because Jeremy talked about them/him and I found out K’s not really saying much..
    Funny books… there’s words on every page (mostly) but not really any content on them. My head is just spinning, like the clock is moving forward but not really going anywhere..
    My own personal egoic will feels like it is to “God” what a mosquitos worth is to a human being..
    They say that the truth is always here presently, and there’s not much search needed really. It is actually quite inspiring.
    A question to Jeremy or whoever: can a person get it without getting that they got it?

    1. Author

      I’ll be answering this (and any other questions folks have) in a solo show 2 episodes from this one.

  4. I have really missed your perspective. I always get pushed to open my mind and my heart.
    Welcome back

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