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When two close encounter experiencers get married, do their experiences change? Does it affect how they view them? We’ll get into it with "John" speaking on behalf of his wife and himself. But first… John shares one of the most fascinating and bizarre encounters this side of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

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  1. The show before this one made
    The show before this one made a lot of sense to me!

  2. Another great show, Jeremy.
    Another great show, Jeremy. The Elves and the Shoemakers is one of my favorite stories I read as a child…I always wished to see them!
    Many thanks to John for sharing his experiences. He and his wife seem like genuine, kind folk.

  3. I thought the elf that John
    I thought the elf that John described sounded a lot like the one caught on a trail camera in the woods in a set of pictures that someone sent Linda M Howe (Earthfiles) and Whitley posted here. I am so glad he decided not to go down the toilet w/the elf — one wonders what his parents might have found in the morning.

    Just like the stories people share here on the Discussion Board, he and his wife’s experiences add to our knowledge about whatever it is that many of us are experiencing — and I agree with him — there is comfort in knowing that one is “not the only one.”

  4. A great addition to
    A great addition to Unknowncountry. Mr. Vaeni brings a refreshing view to a very overlooked or underlooked aspect of what the late Mr. John Mack called experiencers.
    His sense of humour helps relax people who have been through a most bizarre experience.

    Kudos to John for talking about this, takes balls to do that.

  5. It takes courage to go off
    It takes courage to go off the reservation and challenge conventional UFO beliefs like Jeremy does. Personally, I love it! Unless we face the fact that we don’t actually understand this stuff and keep the question open, we will not make any more progress toward real knowledge than we have so far, which is far, far less than is possible.

  6. I like Jeremy, he is “A”
    I like Jeremy, he is “A” okay. You know it’s not easy. You know how hard it can be.
    (actual time posted is 5:22PM 12/16/2014, is the system using GMT?)

  7. LOVE the “Toilet Elf!” Thank
    LOVE the “Toilet Elf!” Thank you, Jeremy!

  8. You’re welcome!
    You’re welcome!

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