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It’s been over a year since Jesse Herbert has been a guest on the show. When he heard the episode where Jeremy & Whitley recounted their trip to Esalen, and their meeting spirit channeler Paul Selig, he decided to come back on the program to sing Paul’s praises. Jesse has had life-changing encounters with Paul’s work and workshops. This is his testimonial. Will it change Jeremy’s mind as to the value of channeling? 
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  1. Wowie, good show. Thanks,
    Wowie, good show. Thanks, Jesse, this was great.

    I was reading Robert Waggoner’s book toward the end of my lucid dreaming years. I lost the book during a stressful transition and I was devastated. But then I went out of body for the first time as an adult a week later and lucid dreaming lost its appeal to me. Maybe I should get back into it.

  2. And for me, the energy is
    And for me, the energy is related to absolute stillness. Maybe I need to try moving more.

  3. Jeremy and Jesse. This post
    Jeremy and Jesse. This post is in reference to the healing power of plants. Earlier this week a friend of mine called and is currently reading a book about George Washington Carver. She felt many similarities between Carver and Edgar Cayce. (TAKING TIME TO COMMUNE WITH THE GOD FORCE.)

    Carver’s mysticism sprang from his conviction that nature held the answers to all of life’s questions, and that the only requirement for obtaining these answers was a receptive ear. Carver said, “I love to think of nature as unlimited broadcasting stations, through which God speaks to us every day, every hour, and every moment of our (LIFE.) Carver’s scientific discoveries originated from a rich inner life built upon a strong faith in divine powers. His spirituality came not from participation in a particular church, but from a deeply personal relationship to his God. “All my life,” he said, “I have risen regularly at four o’clock and have gone into the woods and talked with God. There he gives me my orders for the day. Alone there with things I love most, I gather specimens and study the great lessons Nature is so eager to teach us all. When people are still asleep, I hear God best and learn my plan.” Carver also spoke with the subjects of his scientific inquiry. He was always seen to have a flower in his buttonhole, and he explained that he talked with the flowers and they revealed their secrets to him. “How do I talk to a little flower? Through it I talk to the Infinite. And what is the Infinite? It is the silent, small force. It isn’t the outer physical contact. No, it isn’t that. The infinite is not confined in the visible world. It is not in the earthquake, the wind or the fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the (((fairies.”))) A fellow professor and close friend, Glenn Clark, said that Carver’s gift of speaking to flowers sprang from love, humility, and acceptance. His humility was maintained by avoiding what he called “the ‘I’ disease.” Carver experienced awe in his encounter with the natural world.

    George Washington Carver spent so much time kneeling while examining – and talking to plants that his pants were always bagged at the knees. He usually wore an old tweed suit with baggy knees, and always, always a bright, fresh flower on his lapel.

    He believed in hands on and interactive learning. He believed education and knowledge should be available to all. He believed, “Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible.”

  4. Hey folks, just chiming in
    Hey folks, just chiming in with a few more thoughts:

    Andy1111, thank you! BTW, in William Bulman’s out of body books, he talks about how lucid dreams can be great launching off points for OBEs. So is absolute stillness, and besides deep meditation, float tanks are ALL about getting still within, as they remove almost all possible neurological distractions and are sort of like cheats for going super deep in meditation, with consistency (and that is no small feat). I wish they sold a low cost home version, but so far the Zen Float tank is it, and they are still somewhat pricey… I think they need to have a larger enclosed space to avoid high CO2 levels.

    Carollee, thanks for sharing that, I imagine Carver must have been a very advanced being, and was likely an excellent example of what we were talking about early in the show. Thanks for sharing those links! My experiences working with Paul Selig and his guides are the closest thing I have found so far to getting me into states where I might perhaps be (finally!) getting closer to being in that place of gnosis and communion with the rest of the living universe that is somehow both within and still beyond me/us. Time will tell how far it goes, but don’t take my word for it, one must see for one’s self in these matters…

    I hope I did not come across too zealous, I truly am often questioning my own assumptions/conclusions, and when I listened to this show myself, I cringed somewhat at how my voice sounded. Even my own father said I usually seem more relaxed, and seemed to be under pressure. In truth I was a tad nervous, not from the public speaking (something I do for a living) but because I felt this was a chance to really get some helpful info. to others, something I care SO much about that it can trip me up at times. In any case I feel we all continue to be part of evolving collective learning experiences that are bringing us closer to the type described above in the post by Carollee. Thanks all!

    Best, Jesse

    PS Jeremy, thanks again for being a place where folks can simply volunteer to share their experience, you and Whitley are blazing trails and ultimately my sense is that we all get to enter the inner circle, eventually 😉 All for one and one for all!

    1. Jesse Herbert, you came
      Jesse Herbert, you came across in this interview JUST FINE. Thank you for sharing your experiences/ideas and giving listeners MUCH to think about.

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