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Author Brian Short is a lifelong experiencer. At first blush, his experiences may seem relatively normal as far as high strangeness goes. But when we look deeper we find something really strange here that is quite telling about Visitor phenomena at large.

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  1. Speaking of fireballs. In
    Speaking of fireballs. In the late 80’s in lived on acreage in the country. One night I fell asleep on the couch in front of a large window. I awoke around 3 a.m. and sat up. Light caught my eye and I looked out to see “fire” in the yard across the street. I then realized the “fire” was contained in a perfect sphere. It was red, yellow orange and rolling like a fire dampered down in an insert. Judging by the size of the trees, I would guess it was about 8 foot diameter. I immediately knew I was not supposed to be seeing this. I then automatically went to bed. Next thing I knew it was morning and all was fine, except me. I was confused and distressed. This was not a dream. The weirdest thing is that 2 weeks later the house next door to the fireball yard, did catch fire and I ran down the driveway to wake them up as my husband called 911.

  2. As to weirdness around death,
    As to weirdness around death, this happened. In 2006 I was caring for my Father as he died of cancer. One night I prayed for him to pass quickly as I didn’t want him to suffer. (I am not a Pray person by the way). He slept all night which was unusual. In the morning my brother came over and commented, did you see the crop circle? I ran out to find a perfect circle about 6 foot in diameter with a second about 3 foot diameter about 4 foot away. The grass was about a foot tall, so they were very clear. My brother could not have made these as he was also dying of cancer and it took all his energy just to walk the distance between the houses. The weirdest thing was that if I was going to land a “craft” without it being seen, that was exactly where I would have done it. My Father died a week later, and my Brother 6 months to the day of my Father.

  3. OK, listening to this again,
    OK, listening to this again, just caught 1988 reference. That is the year of extreme weirdness in my life. Far to much to get into, but that year changed my world view.

  4. Brian, could it have been the
    Brian, could it have been the Northern Lights you were seeing? In northern Washington, it would probably not be unheard of seeing them from time to time.

    1. The Northern Lights do very
      The Northern Lights do very occasionally appear around here. It was only very recently however that I saw them for the first time in person in Iceland. What I saw in 1981 was very different, even from the most vivid photographs. It’s a reasonable question however.


  5. Great interview! One thing
    Great interview! One thing that really resonated for me was the idea that there is an “instructive” aspect to UFO sightings. I once saw a UFO that appeared directly overhead during a fireworks display. It continued to hover, in full view of hundreds of people, for about a minute after the display had ended, finally retreating to the horizon and then disappearing. Nobody around me seemed to think that there was anything unusual about it; in fact, many people stopped looking up at the sky as soon as the fireworks display had ended. Personally, I found it to be one of the strangest things I had ever witnessed, and felt that some kind of lesson was being imparted, like “Do you even notice things that are out of the ordinary, or do you just explain them to yourself in terms of the everyday?” (Oh, it was just part of the fireworks display.) This instructive aspect to UFO phenomena would help to explain why we even see UFOs at all. Many ufologists claim that the visitors are committed to total secrecy, and that may be true in an ultimate sense. But if they truly didn’t want to be seen, they could simply “turn the lights off,” and oftentimes they do indeed hit the dimmer switch right in the middle of a close encounter. The fact that they allow themselves (i.e., their craft) to be seen begs the question: Are they really committed to total secrecy, or is some kind of charade going on? To me it feels like the whole thing is a kind of metaphor, an idea that Brian touched on in the interview. It’s like they are inviting us to trust our own perception while at the same time challenging us to wake up to the existence of the unknown. I think you can enter into a relationship with that just by acknowledging it whenever it happens. Brian’s stories are a great example of that. Noticing and acknowledging these strange things opened a crack, which allowed him to enter into a relationship with the unknown. Really looking forward to next week’s interview!

  6. Jeremy,
    Yes, yes, yes to


    Yes, yes, yes to seeds being planted! Without boring all with details here of my own experiences, suffice to say that if you ‘notice and acknowledge’ as Michael mentioned above, things do unfold over time, and your relationship with the past experiences take on a different perspective, and often result in, ta-daaa, more varied types of experiences that are part of your personal lesson plan.

    The Easter Bunny will be making his special deliveries of eggs over the weekend, and with that in mind:

    “And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad”. C. S. Lewis

  7. Great words to put on the end
    Great words to put on the end of the show, Cosmic.

    Loved it all.

    1. Thanks, dreamer!…It is one
      Thanks, dreamer!…It is one of my favorite quotes, and I have it posted at my desk near my computer so that I see it everyday…Also, rotten eggs smell really awful…:-)

  8. Two things come to mind
    Two things come to mind listening to this week’s episode – dunno if either are useful to the community, but I suppose it makes me feel good to say them so I will for that selfish reason.

    First is that: mastery of interstellar travel makes you neither omniscient nor omnipotent. I think Whitley’s experiences, and yours, indicate these beings (the word we use to indicate packets of life force in our world) make “mistakes.” They are fallible, by their own definition, which may be outside our mental abilities to grasp. And so the “why would creatures who can traverse light-years in space and time need to harvest our DNA – why would they need tracking devices – why would they need ‘xyz?'” is probably answerable in that they are in a discovery mode as much as we are.

    They don’t know, either, from whence comes our life forces, or something. So they’ve got down physics and electronics, but the whole living biology thing has them stumped, despite millions of years of evolutionary advancement.

    The other thing you touched on with Brian – would the terror drive you back to the bottle? I dunno if I’ve ever been visited – but I have experienced that abject terror – and I know that in the safety of my office from where I type to you, it seems like it would be cool to interact with higher forces. It seems like it would somehow eradicate, or neutralize, or otherwise make less important the things that bother me in this life – much like being on a battlefield removes all issues except that of getting somewhere nobody wants to kill you.

    But I can say from experience in earthly realms that it is possible to put yourself into a situation where you say to yourself – what the heck was I THINKING doing this? And “Dear God if I live I’ll go to church every Sunday from now on…”

    I think the visitor experience would be the same – where gravity itself is no longer reliable, and there are no frames of reference, and you’re a bug in a petri dish wondering what horror is about to befall you – and you’d think – even a lifetime of root canals per day for the rest of time would be better than this – sort of terror.

    I’m happy to not have these experiences. Not sure I ever did. But maybe it’s the cause of me needing sleeping pills to sleep these past years, and if I ever did, and I don’t now, I can say I sleep a lot better as a result of it going away.

  9. Good interview.
    They want us

    Good interview.
    They want us to believe in them, but not too much. So many Experiencers do not have direct contact with them in person, that they remember. I believe that our lack of control of the situation and the totally alien nature of their appearance probably is the reason most do not see them face to face and remember it. We get to see what we can handle.

    The ability to instantaneously connect with the craft and/or pilots of the craft and have them react to our thoughts is common among Experiencers. Also, it is interesting how so many people are “switched off” and do not see the phenomenon that some are “allowed” to see.

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