In this solo show, host Jeremy Vaeni continues to answer listener questions. First, though, he has a heart to heart with listeners about why he is strongly considering leaving the show and ufology for good, literally and figuratively.

For a thorough and riveting historical look at the insurrection, please watch American Rule: How A Nation Conquered The World But Failed Its People author, Jared Yates Sexton’s, brilliant Youtube breakdown.

To read more about the self and the universe, check out Vaeni’s latest book, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction.

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  1. Jeremy,
    1st please forgive the length of this post….
    I hear your voice and words which carry the sound of some discouragement. Not sure I’m correct about that. However, I think you want people to grow within their various aspects (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.) and find the joys you have found.

    It is a long, slow process for a lot of us. Especially if we do it by inner work and no guru type to guide us. The “guide” be it inner or another person, cannot force growth. Only help us to pay attention, be aware, listen deeply within, question… and live our every day life throughout the process.

    So- don’t be discouraged, Jeremy. It isn’t what you control… the listeners probably are in various stages of life, growth, experiences, etc. Many folk want to run forward, and the slower movement and growth is hard to work through. It is slogging along in quicksand which requires effort, carefulness, appreciation, and willingness to “work” within. The difference between the “inner work” and our usual “work” is huge. We can make quick results outside in “usual work.” There are rewards and enticements in many / all aspects in culture for this.
    Inner work, hmmm… how many great spiritual beings do we know about? How many are currently alive? What do they teach? Is there any “common ground” among them?

    If we read the teachings and life stories of spiritual leaders, we my find some areas of overlap. One seems to be where you are in this week’s podcast. Discouragement…. with others and perhaps with self. People always want a quick answer that will forever hold. We live in a world outside of us where we are careful not to reveal our inner world.

    Today’s world is not “used to” people taking time to learn, to grow, to understand, to change. The immediate gratification an infant receives when hungry and given a bottle, or “alone” and picked up with love and held close…. are not new in human and other species. But we forget. We don’t remember. We study history, but not our inner selves too deeply. Fear being one reason…. “What if there is something wrong with me?” “What if this isn’t the path to “success” I desire? What if I don’t really know myself — my…self? etc.
    It takes work, time, and trust. In whom can/ should/ do we trust?

    These variants come together when we are in a place of inner calm… maybe even inner peace. How do we get there?
    It’s work… and there are many challenges. There are many teachers… who pretty much seem to give the same process … and it still takes time. It is life which teaches… the way we look outward… affects what we see. What are we looking for? Why? How will we find it? Will we know it when we first see it? Whom can we trust to follow and why? The inner life is the same way.

    So don’t give up, Jeremy. It isn’t you…or any one of us. It is bigger than Self. It also is dependent on our hopes, fears, reasons for and against, or understanding of history, culture, human needs, etc. All of our life experiences effect us.

    Whitley is a perfect example for us all: he has shared deep experiences which involve great fear, love, confusion, doubt, etc. His humaness and ability to “hold on” even through many deeply difficult experience and his own inner strength, allowed him the time to grow within himself. With the aid of his dear Anne, he shows us the way. Inner growth needs outer support- those who walk with, listen to, and often carry us within themselves… through spirit as well as mind.We don’t know when and who all of them are…it doesn’t matter. Perhaps that is the other half of what “mindfulness” means… others carry us within their hearts, minds, and spirits -and we are totally unaware.

    Don’t give up – it takes time. Keep on being yourself. We all need “inwardly lit” folks along the way – who carry us when we don’t even know it. They make visible some of the hardships, and some of the joys. They bind our wounds with loving kindness, They are more patient with us than we are with ourselves. They are gift and encouragement. Our hope lies in recognition … and being who we are. So…
    Jeremy, be who you are. And remember your wife Carol whose name means “song of joy” – listen to that “song of joy” she reveals to you. So that you may find yourself within her song, and Truth speaking in the words our world so desperately seeks: love.

    1. So beautifully written so universally applicable to us all at various times throughout the journey. Deep thanks.

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I was truly touched by them.
        you spoke eloquently with so few of them 🙂
        Love and peace

  2. Dear Jeremy – please don’t give up. Truth is that you are one of the few voices of reason in this field. Most people in UFOLOGY have let their hopes blind themselves to the realities of the situation and believe that either the visitors will show themselves or that governments will reveal that they have had contact. Neither is likely – we can only see the visitors through a glass darkly and they appear to be only able to see us in the same way. The US government would struggle to fully admit that there are forces in its skies which it cannot control. We need you to be a voice of reason or the field will be left entirely to believers and dreamers and we will spend the next 20 years awaiting a revelation which will never come and fail to do the slow, painstaking work on ourselves necessary to understand this phenomenon. Stick with us mate.

  3. Jeremy I have really enjoyed your podcasts on unknown country because you offer such a unique perspective. I have noticed since 2016 an increasing radicalization of people involved in the UFO and “new age” stuff and I am beginning to believe people within these groups have been targeted for radicalization. And they were easy to manipulate. Maybe it started earlier, (its almost a whole show in itself)
    Anyway if you leave this channel I will be sad because I always get some new understanding by listening to you. Will have to follow you to your new podcast. There few people I listen to these days days.

  4. OMG dont leave. You are maybe the only person who makes my brain flip flop in my skull. And makes me ponder what little I understand.

  5. I heard Dolan over the weekend. I generally like his stuff and was shocked when he took a political stance, in particular, that one, which was straight out radical right. I thought maybe he’s hit hard times economically and thinks he can get more audience this way. Regardless, that was a disappointing turn he took. I left a sarcastic comment because most of the comments gushed how great he was. Did people listen to the whole show? Anyway I understand your frustration and disgust. I’ve starting shying away from the UFO subject because I sense a turn to the reality show format, where entertainment is more important than truth or accuracy . For me I’d be happy if you came back occasionally instead of outright leaving. Hope to hear you in the future, there has to be some balance to counter the QAnon universe expansion.

  6. Have to agree with you here. As soon as I realized that David Wilcock, Kp, Simon Parkes, et al had jumped on the Trump bandwagon, I immediately stopped listening. If your judgment is THAT poor, you have nothing valuable to say to me. As of this writing, they are STILL at it. Making videos, spouting nonsense. (I checked in after President Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, just to see what they had to say.)

    Enough! Really, just enough.

    I have moved far, far away from those communities and I will not be back.

    I totally understand your point of view but would be sad not to hear you again.

    Sending you love.

  7. I enjoy your show. Don’t go, or do more of the other show. Or just do random oddness.

  8. You sound like a whiney baby who needs to do some research on truth. Everyone on the left has accused Trump of every illegal act for the last five years with no proof of anything and called him every hanus name including nazi,fascist racist etc. He accomplished more good for this country in 4 years than any preceding President in history. You wouldn’t know it if you are living in the CNN bubble. You can not deviate from the lefts narrative or you will be cancelled! No mortal could have survived almost 5 years of non stop ridicule from mainstream and social media not to mention academia,Hollywood and the like. The left make all of his supporters out to be evil, when all we want is our God given right to be free and left alone. I respect Whitleys stance of not getting politics involved in his podcasts. We all need a neutral space to chill out. I have enjoyed your programs in the past, but will not listen if you insist on forcing your political views on me.

    1. I hope you see the irony of criticizing a guy who was criticizing someone else because of their mix of politics and ufology. Also, an odd comment “No mortal could have survived”?? He’s (Trump) not mortal?

  9. Why do teachers teach?

    Surely they must get tired knocking on seemingly empty skulls, redirecting wandering eyes and minds from the wind blown leaves in the yard, or saying “settle down please!” for the umpteenth time.

    Is it for the money? Certainly not.

    Is it because they like being the centre of an ever waning attention? I doubt that.

    Is it for the thanks they get? Well, if it happens, it is very occasionally and sometimes decades later.

    But mostly, I suspect, it is for a single hope of lighting a spark. A spark that, through knowledge, is self-kindled into something that will never go out. A complex light that illuminates both within and without…that can be seen from afar…and has the potential to ignite other sparks. A hope of a positive influence, that will continue to ripple outwards. But teachers do it year after year. Why? Because new minds know nothing of the internal lessons learned by the previous classes. And spending time with their students is far more benefitial than just telling them to read last year’s notes. It gives out much stronger ripples.

    Regarding the UFO field directly, why give a sh1t about Disclosure anyway? Haven’t we said time again, that the only thing that really matters is how experiences change us from within? Most people who’ve experienced the truly strange don’t need validation…they know it happened. And in most cases, it sparked a change, that could not have been ignited otherwise. It’s not about nuts and bolts, it’s more likely about the nature of reality and consciousness.

    But we don’ t know anything for sure…and I’m not convinced that actually matters, or ever will, really.

    Anyway Jeremy, whatever you do and wherever and whenever you do it, you will make a difference, whether immediately obvious or not; But for the record, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the positive influence you have had on me, thus far….be it from a reluctant teacher, or not….it really helped.

  10. Ha ha yes UFO Fight Club is being franchised like WWF (with a guy in a buffalo hat as it’s spokesperson) 🙂
    Whitley is a living legend and must be supported for sure, but I’m reminded of the great artist Marcel Duchamp, who got sick of the art world (after creating the concept of the ready-made by presenting a urinal with a signature on it as a work of art). So he left the art world behind and decided to spend his days playing chess and smoking cigars. 20 years later he presents Étant donnés a major work he’d been making in secret…and guess what…it’s awesome.
    Do your own thing Mr. V. It’s better to leave quality as your legacy than quantity. You can support your friends outside of the public eye.

  11. Hi Jeremy, I have never seen what I consider to be a UFO, and frankly I don’t care. But, I have had a lifetime of experiences. You have much to give to the show (like your perspective). I understand if you want to leave, but I encourage you to continue with Unknown Country in some form. Thanks for your hosting the Experience.

  12. Hello again, Jeremy.

    In spite of our little difficulty several months ago (heck, probably more than a year now) I am wondering if we can reconcile and have a discussion on the phone (not on the show). For a while I stopped listening to your show, but after a little while I came back, but didn’t bother to try to contact you until now. Maybe you don’t even remember me. We talked for your show, but it never aired; I think it was a mutual decision.

    You can ‘PM’ me via email:


  13. Hi Jeremy. I would love it if you didn’t leave. That’s all. x

  14. Thank you Jeremy for your work and integrity. Keep us posted. Your voice is needed.

  15. I would miss you if you left Unknown Country. I missed you before and will again.

    My rule of thumb is, if I’m in words, I’m in separation.

    I loved what you said about waking up in the morning and seeing the new person who is my partner.

    I’ve almost finished your book. I love your book! At many points I would have loved to have a conversation with you and then life happens.

  16. In the world we live in today, we really need valid mentors that we can trust. In my youth, positions of valor & honor, such as the Police, Teachers, Medical Doctors & so on, were people you could trust & Depend on. Look at the atrocities that these positions in today’s world. We seem to be going right down the same path as Rome. Is it time for another cleansing?

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