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Last week a real gem of a man passed away: Bruce Duensing. Bruce stayed under the radar of ufology, preferring to remain in the blogosphere. But his contributions to the possibilities of how high strangeness functions are immeasurably important. Unfortunately, he passed away before we could get him on The Experience. Here now is a long lost gem from the Paratopia Podcast – an interview with him performed by Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann. It will take you to places you’ve never been before.

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  1. Thank you Jer for posting
    Thank you Jer for posting this classic Paratopia episode with you, Jeff and Mr. Duensing. A great conversation! I truly feel as Bruce stated that we bring so much more subconsciously to these experiences than we realize ( and in turn, the inward is projected outward). I always looked forward to Bruce’s insights on his blog. A brilliant mind and a good soul that will truly be missed.

  2. Truly brilliant people too
    Truly brilliant people too seldom address the UFO issue. I did not know about Mr. Duensing prior to listening to this, and I am sorry that I didn’t! The importance of the flow between what we cannot directly access in ourselves and the external manifestation that we now call the UFO experience cannot be overstated, but it is too often overlooked. I must add my thanks, Jeremy, for bringing this brilliant mind to my attention!

    1. You’re most welcome!
      You’re most welcome!

  3. I am looking forward to
    I am looking forward to hearing this week’s show. However, just an FYI, it does not seem to be available for streaming on the mobile site, we can only download the file at this point.

  4. The Paratopia Archive is the
    The Paratopia Archive is the gift that keeps on giving. If I may be so bold it will change your life, it changed mine. One of the afterchats was missing but I can’t remember which one right now Jer. I’ll have to dig back through and let you know.

    1. Please do! Thank you!
      Please do! Thank you!

  5. Brilliant stuff! The only
    Brilliant stuff! The only interview I’ve listened to twice. That Robert Anton Wilson is among his influences is pretty obvious. I loved lines like, “terminology superseding reality” and “personality is the digestive organ of consciousness” and I love that he focuses so much on metaphor (one of my own favorite mental chew-toys.) I also love that he, like me, is “terrible with time.” Thanks for this interview. Sorry he had to go so soon.

  6. Wow. He certainly was a
    Wow. He certainly was a hidden gem! Thank you Jeremy and Jeff, I see I’m not alone in feeling privileged to listen and learn from Bruce. I agree with FreshLaundry-, I’ll be giving this one a second go ’round.
    Safe Travels, Mr. Duensing, Wherever you Are ((()))

  7. This is a late comment on
    This is a late comment on this show so it probably will be overlooked, but I wanted to say that Bruce’s explanation of this phenomenon perfectly explains why the Government is so reticent to discuss anything they might know about it.

    These phenomena ARE a reflection of ourselves but they are intrinsically powerful and have the potential to deconstruct our experience of reality. Belief Systems are more than a fancy catchword, but they may actually be the framework on which human existence is based. If there is a potential for our beliefs to dictate reality then the result of deviating in our awareness, (as a collective) from the consensus could result in chaos.

    I am not referring to social chaos as a result of disclosure. Rather the government researchers may have discovered that this would lead to the breakdown of our basic concept of personal individuation and space/time may collapse into a singularity, (the classic Big Whump vs. the Big Bang).

    1. Still reading, promise! And
      Still reading, promise! And that is beautifully put.

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