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In this episode, Occult of Personality podcast host Greg Kaminsky joins us to talk about the differences between Eastern and Western esotericism, and how the paranormal may fit into mysticism. Then, in a record scratch-worthy moment, he shares his incredible UFO close encounter from his teenage years.
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  1. Jeremy, you asked what is the
    Jeremy, you asked what is the horse and buggy equivalent of having the engine and electrical system of a vehicle shut down?
    Since we know that many abduction cases are preceded by paralysis, why couldn’t they stop a horse in that manner?
    Just food for thought…

  2. What may seem like lies or
    What may seem like lies or mistakes or misrepresentations or discrepancies are only different experiences or perceptions to that experience.It seems to me that if there are seven billion people, then there are seven billion truths and seven billion paths, no two are the same. There may not be any masters only fellow experiencers having similar but different experiences. Perhaps all we can do is share and help each other follow their own individual path. We seem to think of wisdom or enlightenment as the goal of seeking spirituality. But do we really know enough to know what wisdom is? Are we that advanced?

  3. For a slightly different
    For a slightly different take, try this on…..

    -For the One to become enlightened it must realize the Many. For the Many to become enlightened, they must realize the One.

    I think that there is a fundamental misunderstanding regarding the non-dual undifferentiated (no-thing) aspect of reality. I do not regard it as the highest, “most real” form of Ultimate Reality, but rather another aspect or way of perceiving Ultimate Reality. Just as true and just as necessary. The dualistic aspects of reality (ALL/Many) do not come from or emerge from the undifferentiated state, but rather exist beside it.

    That is not to say that undifferentiated reality should not be experienced or realized. Differentiated reality comes easy to us as we live it every day. Undifferentiated reality is something we have little experience with, generally speaking. To truly realize ourselves, we need to first experience undifferentiated reality (No-thing). THEN, however, we need to bring our mystical experience into this differentiated state and try to harmonize it, synergize the two to make something truly awesome and holy – that is, truly whole.

    So what does that state look like? Beats me, man! I’m not sure what to say about it except that it would transcend both All and No-thing. It might seem very contradictory indeed.

  4. No
    No expectations
    LET GO
    Rinse and repeat…Over and over again…

    1. Hey Cosmic! Your post
      Hey Cosmic! Your post reminded me of an interesting dream I had once long ago.

      It started out with a view of earth from space. A man’s voice says, “I love you, what is your wish?” A female voice answers as the view starts pulling away -“to do this again….and again….and again…..” and trails off. The view eventually pulls back to reveal our solar system, then or galaxy, then our galactic cluster, all the while her voice saying “again….and again…..” over and over, but getting fainter. Finally, the whole observable universe shrinks off in the distance to a little pinprick of light. Her voice fades to imperceptible. I wake.

  5. Thank you, Cosmic
    Thank you, Cosmic Librarian!

    I cannot speak for anyone else’s path… as each is particular to the person. However, there are areas of overlap… aspects of commonality.

    Some people – maybe most today, read or learn about mystics…experiencers, etc and then try to copy the behaviors in order to achieve the same (at minimum) results. For others, it is the experience that comes first…. followed by trying to understand or put into the perspective of what is real/reality. And to speak of it to others results in disbelief by others…so that one stops speaking one’s truth. In fact, i was told to never tell anyone!

    Note, mystics seem to be people who experience first… just doing what is natural for themselves. They may have similar processes… but their experiences are varied. Just like we are human but our size, shape, colors, voice, etc vary greatly. Experiences of UFO’s are often-though not always- experiencers first… but media (movies, tv, internet, comics, books, etc) make it ” common knowledge” although there are differences among the stories.

    I think it matters quite a lot WHY one does what one is doing. If one’s inner life … perhaps the wisdom one carries within one’s being …is leading the process found in the stories of mystics of every religious path. Listening deeply within at a very early age (certainly before school age and the ability to describe or explain to another what one is doing) does happen -perhaps even for most children. The outer world calls and is supported by all the “stuff” of the culture. So much so, that to speak of experience … may well be met with negativity and/or disbelief and the warning to not tell anyone about it. It instills fear and distrust of one’s inner voice and may muffle or silence it completely for many years.

    The world outside of self calls… as does the within… and both get their “time.” In the end, one helps process the other. Both are important. Just different. And today we may be seeing a resurgence of the development of inner silence/ listening. There is much to be gained by this… not the least of which is acceptance of others and of differences. All are One is true at many and at every level…

  6. Dreamer, I agree…:-)
    Dreamer, I agree…:-)

  7. One of your best shows to
    One of your best shows to date, Jeremy. Thanks!

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