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We got a taste of her encounters during the childhood roundtable discussion. Now, Darlene, better known as "Cosmic Librarian" at, is here to go deeper into some of her highly strange experiences, their possible meanings, and what they point to in terms of the nature of Visitor phenomena.

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  1. Hi Cosmic,
    Let the

    Hi Cosmic,

    Let the synchonicities start. I haven’t made it too far into the interview yet. I was driving home yesterday afternoon and began listening to the podcast. You were mentioning the car wreck and mentioned the 57 red and white Chevy. Almost immediately, a small yellow car passed me in an adjacent lane. I glanced over to it and it’s license plate read “57 Rtro”.

    1. Quantum Johnny…That’s a
      Quantum Johnny…That’s a good one! Thank you for the ‘message’! There was more to the story of the 57 Chevy. That day, and I’m not sure why i didn’t mention it on the show, was the 4th of July. Thereafter, Independence Day had a different significance for me. It has never been lost on me that 3 young people died that day and I was there watching the whole thing unfold from beginning to end. The kids in the Chevy were on their way to a picnic. The only survivor of the accident was the girl in the back seat of the car. Her boyfriend, her sister in the front, and the sister’s boyfriend that was driving the car, all died immediately. The drunk driver that hit them? Barely a scratch on his body, according to my mother… When I saw ’57 Rtro’ on your post, it felt like some kind of ‘Thank you for remembering us!’ from those 3 young people that lost their lives all those years ago. We even met the family of the 2 sisters a couple of years after the accident, and their mother corresponded with my parents off and on for years. My parents did all of the right things on that awful day, and that was a lesson for me too.

  2. Cosmic,
    It was great hearing

    It was great hearing you again. Your story brought back my youth, too. We grew up around the same time, i suspect. You speak of how things were “then” without blaming people for not being and knowing more at that time. Thank you to Jeremy and Cosmic for that piece of truth.
    I look forward to visiting your site, and to hear you again with Jeremy. You have a lot of wisdom, experience, and depth of understanding. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome, Dreamer! The
      You’re welcome, Dreamer! The blame game and judgment need to go… I am always disturbed when I find myself slipping into this mode, because it is very easy to do, especially when examining personal and world history through the lens of current experience, technology, and belief systems, and sometimes it is difficult to understand that the majority of people (certainly not ALL people) were doing the best that they could ‘under the circumstances.’ We should not judge history, but learn from it, even if it is our own personal and family history.

  3. Questions, questions,
    Questions, questions, questions… great show. The more we openly discuss, the more questions we have. Cosmic saw Rabbits, and I saw Squirrels. Squirrels hugging me and swarming all over me.

    So, we’re seeing one thing and not seeing another. Any of this make sense?

    Perhaps it’s important that we forget ourselves and find a way to learn more about learning more.

    Every time we think we see or hear something that makes sense, we gradually realise that we’re listening to ‘Hardy har har…’


    1. Sometimes I think if reality
      Sometimes I think if reality was a person, it would be Mr. Miyagi…You have me waxing cars and painting fences? When are you going to teach me some karate, dude? 🙂

  4. Jeremy,
    Thanks for having


    Thanks for having Darlene on your show. I am behind in podcasts so I just listened to it today. I am one of those who had the nose bleeds. My dad and brother and I had them a lot during a specific time and soon after my dad started hearing voices.


    I listened to your stories and feel like I have experienced similar things. I did experiments trying to prove we are all telepathic and also trying out my theory that something happens to us as we get older that makes it less easy; I used my cousins as my subjects and never thought to talk to any adult about it. We never had a science fair until 6th grade but we did have scientists from Los Alamos coming to school once a month to give us demonstrations to get us excited about science. I also read a Wrinkle in Time and it made a difference in the way I thought about things, and I read another book that caused me to experiment with astral travel.

    I am going to your website because I could go on and on, but this isn’t the right place for it.

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