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Fan favorites Verna Lee Hutton-Ely and, later in the episode, Joe Gooch join host Jeremy Vaeni to connect some dots between ghosts, psychic mediumship, timelessness and that tricky word "enlightenment" in ways you will not hear elsewhere.

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  1. So… with all the q’s
    So… with all the q’s raised… why question hangs in air… why can’t “i” get this or that experience? I am sure that there are many folks who can give an answer to this simple question. I have heard folks ask that… and there is a real “loss” for not yet “getting the experience they want.”
    When the student is ready, the teacher appears… but not necessarily in an expected way or form. So… when ready… then how to become “ready” is focus. As far as i know (not too much, for sure) the way is pretty much the same process… and time spent doing what it is that allows one to forget their own needs and desires and just work on doing something good, true, beautiful, useful, giving freely…. but i cannot say that this is correct. Just that it shows up in so many cultures, traditions, etc. there is truth in it.

    Quantum Johnny (and others from last week’s posts) i apologize because in my post i came across as a “know it all” and unkind. I do not know much at all… and if i caused even one of you to feel offended… i am sorry. Please live in the truth it was unintentional. I do not express myself well and later see the way someone could take it other than how i intended. I have huge respect for everyone who posts and truly learn from you all. And from Jeremy, Whitley and Anne.


  2. @ not so much dreamer, isn’t
    @ not so much dreamer, isn’t it similar to asking “why can’t I be rich” that probably many of us who are not have asked at one time or another? It’s certainly a valid question and worth asking, and the faith that there is a valid reason may not be easy to come by. I believe if we want something sincerely enough we eventually get it – not necessarily in this life, but no matter, then we may discover that that wasn’t what we really wanted after all…

    Remember, most of the experiencers that Jeremy has on his show, and even Jeremy, don’t seem to have “the answers” although they have had many “experiences”, so, are you looking for “experiences” or “answers”? They don’t appear to be the same thing, and, to take it further, what good are either the experiences or the answers in terms of what you ultimately want? I mean, how will either take you from point A to point B? Do you truly know what point A and point B really are? In other words, if you’re at point A right now, and you want to get to point B, do you assume you know everything there is to know about point A already and that’s why you want to get to point B? And how do you really know anything about what point B is, or point A for that matter?

    I’m not trying to discourage you, only point out that we may live under assumptions that don’t necessarily serve us well while trying to form our future, and there is actually very little about ourselves or the world that we have the kind of control over that we seem to want, and that may be a blessing in disguise.

    Having said all that, I firmly believe that if ignorance is ours, knowledge can be as well, and open-mindedness and sincerity can take us far, and that answers wait for us at the end of every mystery, it’s just that we may not recognize the selves that arrive there at the end to receive them.

  3. thank you Steve44
    thank you Steve44

  4. Jeremy, Verna Lee Hutton-Ely
    Jeremy, Verna Lee Hutton-Ely and Joe Gooch, what a fun and interesting interview. THANK YOU.

    Here are two of my dream-time experiences that happened with my grandma. Both after she passed over.

    A few days after her death I had the following dream……The whole family is sitting around the kitchen table except for me, I am standing with my grandma next to the refrigerator. She has been trying to hold a conversation with the family but they are not answering her.

    She turns to me and says, “why is everyone avoiding me?” I say to her, “grandma, you are dead, they cannot hear or see you.” THEN, a few weeks later I have another dream-like experience with her. In this dream she has come to show me her new home. It is all white here with several beds in one room; looking like a dormitory. Above her bed there is a hanging planter filled with vibrant/beautiful flowers and she looks happy.

    In this dream-like experience I see my grandma in my back yard. She is dressed in an old fashioned white nurse uniform and standing over a large galvanized tub stirring cranberries.

    That’s it. I woke up immediately from the dream. The very same day I went to the grocery store, purchased fresh cranberries, cooked and ate them for several days.

    Was she giving me a warning and a solution? Do cranberries even work for infections? I will never know for sure BUT I did NOT get sick. “OR, COULD IT HAVE BEEN MIND OVER MATTER?”

  5. Carollee, your dream reminds
    Carollee, your dream reminds me of the song “Into White” by Cat Stevens. “With everything emptying into white”. That’s the key, the direct connection to infinity that these places have, that forms and informs them and offers assurance that Life is eternal and ever-renewing.

    1. Thank you Steve44 for your
      Thank you Steve44 for your post, this is beautiful…….

      Comment copied over…….

      “I always think of this song as a companion piece to ‘Lilywhite’. Whereas in that song I feel he is describing his reaction to the death of another, in ‘Into White’ I feel he is describing his own death; or the dying dream before death occurs. Everyone hopes for a painless, peaceful death and I think the lyrics here are representing the various things a dying person might contemplate before succumbing. After all, every image eventually empties into white.”

  6. Hi Carollee, to me, it’s a
    Hi Carollee, to me, it’s a visionary song, it expresses his soul’s point of view. The sad blue-eyed drummer rehearsing outside, a black spider dancing on top of his eye, represents his earthly existence, and the black spider represents the veil that Earth casts over our vision, all witnessed by his soul’s beautiful Life, and everything emptying into White.

  7. Jeremy, Verna Lee & Joe,

    Jeremy, Verna Lee & Joe,

    A great conversation. I look forward to next week.

    Verna Lee, I have that happen when I can’t sleep and I close my eyes there are faces looking at me, or some weird light show.

    Joe, I am sure that our consciousness does not reside in the brain and have proof for myself that is true. You make a good point about the brain being the interface that determines our talents or maybe even our perceptions. I think genetics often has something to do with how our brains are wired and I think we often, as conscious entities, choose which lineage we will be a part of as much as what society or planet we choose to experience. I don’t think it is for schooling, probably for some experience we find interesting.

    As for the people who don’t acknowledge or perceive non-physical happenings, there seems to be a pogrom, especially in the west, against people acknowledging perceptions of the non-physical. My mother told me once when I was very young, in reference to something like telepathy and intuition, that it is very dangerous to let others know anything about you and better to just keep quite if you can’t suppress it.

  8. JahaRa, I don’t think it’s a
    JahaRa, I don’t think it’s a pogrom as much as it is a cultural unwillingness to believe in anything but the physical. This has its source in the rise of science, and the simultaneous rejection of unenlightened superstition that western culture was once so susceptible to. As the results of science continued to produce results it dragged along with it and strengthened this rejection of all things non-physical. The suppression and persecution by the Church of Copernicus and Galileo for postulating that the Earth revolves around the Sun is a case in point as to why western culture has rejected blind belief in favor of hard physical fact. Add to that the relative rarity and somewhat subjective nature of non-physical experience and you have ripe ground for cultural rejection of the paranormal. That rejection can easily turn to hostility when ego and pride are brought into the picture.

    Having said that, I believe this trend is temporary, and may even have been necessary to separate humanity from the more primitive and brutal form of thinking that once accompanied blind belief in the supernatural, such as burning ‘witches’ at the stake and so forth.

    Science itself has now indited itself via quantum physics as the sure source of all knowledge it was once thought to be, and of course the supernatural and paranormal are not going anywhere, so when humanity again turns to their mystery, hopefully it will be with a more enlightened and careful eye which was missing in the more superstitious age that science has enabled us to leave behind.

  9. Not so much dreamer, apology
    Not so much dreamer, apology accepted. I think if we don’t take ourselves too seriously and don’t let our egos get the best of us, we’ll all be fine.

    There is a lot of talk about being outside of time in this episode, but what does that really mean? As we currently understand the universe, we live in space-time. Our perceptions of events are changed merely by our point of view. If we were to leave time, then it could be understood that we are at all locations at once. I don’t know how that would work, but could we re enter the time stream at certain locations/times? Another description that I read from Gurdjieff was that we are in what would be called a 4th dimension, three of space, one of time. To go up one more level, then we would be in a 5th dimension, three of space and two of time. We would be existing in space as we do, but we would be able to travel through the dimension of time, like we do in space. There, I would suppose that the past, present and future would all be readily accessible to us. Not because we are outside of time, but that we have control in which way we can move in it. Much like a 1 dimensional point can’t “move” in any direction, in our 1 dimension of time that we live in, we can’t move in it. Why then, do we perceive it to be moving forward? I suppose that we could think of it as an entropic force moving us along a direction to more disorder. By researching what is called an entropic force, one can see “intelligent” behavior emerge. I wonder how much of what we take responsibility for, example increasing our intelligence, is not really us “doing” anything, but merely is a natural process in the universe that we have developed an illusion that we are doing something, but that is really the ego talking.

    (I hope my post is not duplicated- I had an error while I posted)

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