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The legendary Deb Kauble, the subject of Budd Hopkins’ book "the Haunting of Copley Woods" returns to The Experience to talk about retaining normalcy through her lifetime of very public weirdness back when people didn’t wear weirdness on their sleeve. Also, what happened when the Visitors stopped coming around? Did she ever long to have them back? What became of her life then?

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  1. What if we are essentially
    What if we are essentially two selves, the conscious self, the self, what we know as to be who we are, and another self, that is present, but is interacting at an undetectable (or nearly undetectable) level? From history, it may be that fairies, aliens, ghosts are all manifestations of the same thing. This thing, possibly some other intelligence, whatever it may be, interacts with this other undetectable level of ourselves. The cracking of the cosmic egg, caused by trauma, or what have you, helps our conscious self to disassociate from this other self, losing its superior presence, and thus letting the other self become more dominant, more present.

    It would not be that this other intelligence doesn’t already interact with us, but that some people have more awareness of the interaction because they have more awareness of the other self that has been “awakened”, so to speak.

    The distinguishing factor of awakening the other self, while, it can be jolted awake with trauma, is the inherent struggle through which is apparent in our nature, the duality that we live in, the struggle between good and evil, and other such opposing ideas. Therefore, is it not to say that, possibly one motive that this other intelligence would have is to introduce us to, and ensure that we confront the struggle, the oppositions that come into our lives?

    [This other intelligence, by collectively being undefined, could represent a challenge us, or maybe that is a part of its nature, like our other self, which is why the other self is unknown. It can’t be quantified as in a Newtonian, macro sense. It lives in the undetectable world of the very small, the world of quanta in which exists something or nothing. By trying to engage with this other, not only does the other self become more present, but the world in which the other lives becomes more present]

    The result of such work, confronting the challenges in our lives, would result in us becoming more aware of this other self, thus resulting in what could be interpreted as an increased awareness for nature, deeper feelings of spirituality, etc.

    Therefore, the Visitor phenomena, has to be rough at first to jolt enough people to “awaken”. For those who are “awake,” the sudden shocks don’t need to necessarily occur. A more gradual approach, fueled by opposition, will be sufficient. That is why there is such a divide in the UFO/unexplained fields, because the opposition is being generated for the advancement of humanity as a whole. The goal of this other intelligence may be to help us become aware of it and to begin to interact with it. However, we must be sufficiently aware of our other self before we can effectively interact with this other presence.

  2. Thank you, Jeremy, for
    Thank you, Jeremy, for another insightful show. I was intrigued by a phrase Deb used to describe her first abduction experience; she said that when they entered her room, she was “lit up with terror.” We talk about how fear and trauma may crack us open in a way that allows us to perceive other realities. I wonder if this goes both ways, if our fear sometimes “lights us up” in a way that makes us perceptible to beings in other realities. Anne has told Whitley that when he meditates, he glows and she can see him more clearly. That centered, loving, meditative state is surely the opposite of terror. So I am struck once again by the parallel / paradox of both fear and love functioning as a bridge, or as modes of perception.

  3. Enjoyed this show, Jeremy.
    Enjoyed this show, Jeremy. Deb’s sense of humor and her matter-of-fact way of accepting the way life is, is good to hear. There is life after reality’s dramatic challenges.

    Quantum Johnny, you make some good points

    Maybe the gift of “free will” simply means we can choose our responses. So also, perhaps the way we “make sense of this life” at least initially – is duality.
    It may be that duality is reinforced by socially … good/bad behaviors, day/night, etc. Over time we come to “see/think” more than day/night and add dusk/dawn making a single whole… good/bad develops some shades of gray, all sorts of in-between ground between true and false is seen each time we develop more or less a “whole” or Oneness which is integrated in our understanding. We naturally move beyond how we understood life as infants and young children. I think the process is ongoing, inbuilt, and continues throughout life. Some find the challenges more difficult, and stop there. It’s ok to do so. For others, they continue to seek understanding – perhaps mostly math, science, philosophy, and psychology fields seem to ask such questions.

    Thus, moving integrating beyond duality is part of the process of life. Perhaps it is not necessarily a result of interaction with other intelligences/beings… except in the case of those who have abduction experiences.

    We avoid discomfort due to thinking outside the box. I suggest that is a sense of security that is reinforced by that which is “safe, works” or useful.” So we admire those great minds who think deeply and question understanding. They open doors which we may choose to walk through, and in some future time, the youth will be taught what is currently “beyond” and those pioneers of today will be added to the list of great minds.

    Perhaps “the holographic universe” is us approaching understanding in a new way… more integrated perhaps into a larger, seamless whole. Since we are approaching… meaning going back and forth in thinking and developing what it is and what it means….at every level…… This approaching understanding may be the beginning to question duality… for some of us. It is challenging on every level and not for everyone.

    When one is ready… one chooses one’s path in life. On some paths are people struggling to integrate understanding their experiences within a world which doesn’t yet comprehend and/or accept those experiences, let alone understand them. We have a lot we do not yet know and understand, in fact, we do not even know some of what we do not have an idea of yet. It is part of this process of life. Maybe what keeps it all so interesting and challenging us to grow.

  4. Thanks Jeremy, Your host
    Thanks Jeremy, Your host this week always brings wonderful insight to the phenomena. I think it is good to hear from others who have had UFO/alien experiences. It helps keep the dialogue open.

    To put my first post into quantifiable terms, I defined it so it could seem more rational, more engaging terms. Jeremy, as I re listened to you talk from last week, I realized that much of this post will seem like a re hash of you said, but coming at it from a different perspective. (The edit was to add everything but the first 8 words)

    The duality of our nature that I speak of is akin to the physical body and the non physical soul. Consciousness is the bridge between the two. The physical world that we live in is familiar to us. This world, the macro world is truly governed by science, Newtonian Mechanics. Our perceptions are based on what we know. We can understand the world around us because we are in it and can interact with it. However, the micro world, the world of quanta is not intuitive. I read somewhere that the reason why the micro world seems so strange to us is that we did not evolve in it. We have very little comprehension of that world because we do not readily perceive it. What mathematics and experiments show us is that it exists. We develop theories and test them. This micro world could very well be where the soul resides. In the world where the soul lives and interacts would seem strange and foreign to us because we have no frame of reference there. Observing any of the high strangeness phenomena, such as seeing UFOs or experiencing an alien abduction, seems counter intuitive to everyday life. By its definition, we can say that it is strange. Because we can’t readily understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t really exist.

    To fit into the world of the macro, we close the door on the micro world, the world of the soul. For example, individuals are afraid to talk about UFOs and alien abductions. It has become more mainstream, but it is still not something somebody would be readily open to talk about with a stranger. “The weather is nice today” or “I saw aliens last night,” which would somebody be more willing to talk about? Even when the topic is brought up, there sometimes is what feels like an eerie silence as many people just want to resist the topic completely. If it is brought up by like-minded individuals, the air in the room may change. Why? Because I think that it is a brief moment where a different kind of perception is allowed to be present. The laws of the micro world slowly emerge, manifesting themselves ever so slightly. At once, consciousness reacts to the impression of the soul and that results in the experience of having the shroud over one’s eyes being lifted to see a greater world view.

    If the visitors, or whoever/whatever they may be is interacting with us at our soul level, how would one know? I think it is because they are able to perceive the world of the soul. As one’s personal experiences with the visitors/high strangeness phenomena increases, so do the impressions from the soul increase. This leads to those who have been engaged with high strangeness phenomena to feel more spiritually connected with the earth, etc.

    One idea in quantum mechanics is that in order for something to exist, it has to be observed. Prior to the observation/measurement, the system is merely in a state of probabilities. It is in this world of probabilities where the soul roams. The cat is both dead and alive in a quantum world, but you don’t know until you look at it. This idea would be absurd in the macro world, yet it is a reality in the physical universe. By measuring it, defining it, you lose it’s essence, the mystical properties that are its structure. That is the nature of the soul, and when one tries to examine it, its essence loses its structure, its inherently probabilistic nature, and collapses into a well defined location. All we’re left with is one dot of information that has had true nature erased, all because we desired to glimpse it. It is impossible to build a three dimensional puzzle on a two dimensional table. Until there is a way of exploring the true nature of the soul without destroying it, science won’t be able to publish papers about its existence. Therefore, all we are left with is what we already have, our innate ability to engage with it and learn from what it tells us.

  5. Thanks, Quantum Johnny. This
    Thanks, Quantum Johnny. This explains more for me, and i appreciate you adding this. You have a deeply developed view and i am always informed by your posts. I do not think nearly as profoundly as you. I have no math or science background, so quantum mechanics and all that goes with it, is outside my ability. However, when you post here, i can make sense of it though i barely touch the surface of understanding.

    Mystical awareness can develop many ways… not only through “high strangeness phenomena.” It is part of our nature, seen in all kinds of cultures. The social/cultural “norms” cause reluctance in sharing their experiences. Throughout the ages, people have spoken, written, shared their experiences.

    To be aware of the soul is to be “present” – which is awareness from & of all aspects of our being being. I cannot say why some folks never have any form of mystical experience, or why some experience ufos. I can say that mystical experiences are awareness experiences which include not only 3D awareness.

    I understand your comment that the essence of the soul/ mystical experience is lost through measurement. Perhaps it isn’t quantifiable by science and math… because it is beyond the limitations of 3D measurements. We measure, define, and prove the 3D world, proving existence. Maybe we have it backwards.

    Perhaps the soul is our true nature and the 3D experiences are created for and by it. I think an approach from “another perspective” might reveal how we to “understand, define, refine, explore, etc” the “mystical.” We need to be fully conscious and aware, open to more… Like explorers who boarded vessels to sail the waters and explore the world beyond what they already knew, we can hope but not fully guess all that we will find in exploring all aspects of ourselves. How do we do this? Listen well within. Compile info from everywhere. Find the similarities and differences. Go outside the box. There are many who straddle both ways of being…listen and learn from them.

  6. Which is why i love Whitley’s
    Which is why i love Whitley’s and Jeremy’s shows. They open doors of awareness from some people whose experiences are different from my own, and others whose experiences are quite similar to mine. Opening doors of awareness … and the commenters on this site also provide new understandings.
    So thanks Jeremy, Whitley, Anne, guests, and commenters. You have been teachers and fellow travelers on this remarkable journey of life.

  7. Deb Cauble is exceptionally
    Deb Cauble is exceptionally well-grounded, and a refreshing interview subject—experience tempered with wisdom, and a great sense of humor! Her experience grew into her, and she has grown into the experience with no apologies or caveats. For those of us that have these experiences, engage with them, and also explore and study them, the benefits of staying grounded, and living an ‘average’ life is probably the optimum way to do it, because having humility, and a questioning nature without an attachment to it all is so important.

  8. Thanks for a great
    Thanks for a great show…..just a quick riff on the idea of folks not really following up after gulf breeze.
    In about 1991, I was living in Washington DC. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had a personal experience of high strangeness that really shook me to my core for some reason. That night a UFO passed over Washington and hundreds if not thousands of people saw it…so many that it was reported in the newspaper as an unknown the next day. I remember what struck me most deeply about that event was that an unknown object could pass over our nation’s capital, be viewed by a large number of people, be reported as an unknown- and that’s it! No discussion, no speculation, everyone puts their heads back down and forgets about it. We are truly a species who are sound asleep.

  9. @Jmarie, just because there
    @Jmarie, just because there was no palpable and sustained outer response, you may ask yourself how that sighting may have affected the many individual witnesses. All of us have the outer world in common, and as such it’s clear that at present there are no answers to these things to draw upon from there, so perhaps there was no outer response because people knew, apriori, that seeking outer answers would be in vain. But, the witnesses saw what they saw, and perhaps it changed long-held assumptions that in turn altered the entire direction of their lives, engendering an open-mindedness, perhaps even a humility, that would otherwise have not been present, and leading them to question things they had never thought to question before.

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