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What is it to be a shaman? Can you be one if you didn’t grow up in a culture that understands shamanism? How different are the experiences of a shaman from an experiencer of visitor phenomena? This week, we find out.

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  1. Thank you Jeremy and Rabbit
    Thank you Jeremy and Rabbit for a great show. I think it is hard to be “open” about things so deep and share your experiences, thoughts, and understanding. As Jeremy said “Learn us all” and you did.

    I love your sense of humor.

    Your sharing has removed some misunderstandings and some caution/fear of things unknown. That makes a difference in lives. Thank you.

    Jeremy, i agree with you re: the commenters who give links – to videos etc. These have been really on target and helpful. Thank you all.

    I am so glad that you, Rabbit, were able to walk on despite all the negatives. I am sure you have changed lives because you have journeyed on a difficult and painful path. Your words “… given what’s needed” happened when you had your experiences including Oneness.

    The sharing by so many commenters and your guests have certainly strengthened “we are alike in our essence” and the journeys are vary greatly, yet give each one opportunities to grow in ways we need to… and learn we are not separated entirely.

    The exchange re: who we are …. superb! I purposely won’t write more… don’t want to be a spoiler.

  2. Hi Jeremy. Your conversation
    Hi Jeremy. Your conversation triggered a thought – your comment about “The Super Natural” brought it up. I also just read the book and I think it’s a rich and valuable thesis well worth trying to integrate into one’s world view – especially if one’s world view is replete with these “extraNatural” violations of the safety of causality.

    That is – that the “visitors” are “us”, and that the visitor experience is somehow our other selves, or “higher selves” reaching into this dimension. I won’t waste bandwidth here on my own experiences and experiments into this – but I think it’s pretty cool how all the data lines up at times to “make sense.” Of course, the making sense itself may be an illusion – because it seems all of these experiences are quite expertly hidden from our forebrain. It seems to be on purpose. So feeling like we’re getting closer to an answer might itself be a sort of violation, as if the entire video playback of our lives is supposed to be a blurried, grainy, black-and-white UFO photo from 1963.

    In any case – to this idea that the visitors are “us” – which actually meshes with this parallel theory that the visitors are “us” from the future (if that makes any sense at all), it seems to me the primary tidbit of info is about the EGO. In meditation and mindfulness we try to suppress the ego. Put it aside like a perpetually misbehaving spoiled child.

    In fact, in a world view where the visitor experience is, in fact, a visitation of the “other” of which we are a part – then the purpose of the ego can be viewed as to maintain that utter illusion of isolation.

    It has come to my mind on many occasions in my studies on all this – time working with OOBEs and dreams and technology for remote viewing and whatnot – that the collective universality of mind is actually what is the constant in our cosmos – and that being an atomic life element is what is rare. And perhaps we assume this form – separate – unable to read each others minds and experience each other’s awareness – subject to death and utterly fearful of it – in order to do those things that require isolation to learn.

    In this mode, then, the value of the selfish ego – ever desirous of primacy in the fight for conscious brain cycles – is to keep us isolated – ON PURPOSE. To keep us fearful of death to preserve this experience of isolated mind.


    One can only imagine…


    1. It’s all for fun! It’s
      It’s all for fun! It’s amazing how many people enjoy horror shows.


  3. The way out is the way in.
    The way out is the way in. every time I have my thumb on it, it slips away. yes is no and no is yes . on is off and off is on – we are going somewhere.

  4. Rabbit…Not one of my animal
    Rabbit…Not one of my animal guides, but I do have a vivid memory from childhood going back to when I was 4 years old. My family lived in old farmhouse several miles from town. My younger sister shared the bed with me, and I recall waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a huge rabbit occupying the space where she slept. I was very awake, not dreaming, and became so frightened that I covered up my head with my pillow and bedding, finally drifting off to sleep a while later once the terror subsided. I have never considered rabbits as anything to fear, not then or now, and in fact I have a deep love for nature and all animals, so I have wondered for years about this incident.

    I have never formally studied shamanism myself, but I have been told by others that I am a shaman and that I walk between worlds (Like Rabbit, taking on that title does seem ego-driven!) I can say that much like her, I was always very different from my family and others around me. It was only a few years ago that my own mother came out and told me, ” You were so different that we never could figure out what to do with you.” My sister has also told me that she knew from the time we were very small that things were going on with me that were not the norm. I am so glad that Whitley and Jeff Kripal wrote ‘Super Natural’, and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those of us that are experiencers. Many concepts and ideas addressed in ‘Super Natural’ were ones that I had stumbled upon on my own in the last 20 years. While none of us knows for sure what is going on with reality, at some point we do have to realize that we are co-creators and students/teachers in this realm that we refer to as ‘life’ and that we are all in this together and separately at the same time. Yes, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that concept too. 🙂

  5. Great show Jer!
    Great show Jer!

  6. Thank you for such a
    Thank you for such a beautiful interview; my take away has been mainly, ‘ You get what you need’. And boy! All the suffering of humanity now is a call to action. Action to be who we really are. Atleast an awareness of it. Let us pray that those of us that are awake can help and support others.
    Jeremy, the message of exercise will be persistant until you take action. I had a similiar message around November last year. Mine came in the form of my breathing needed to improve and it was running I had to take on. I hated running at school, what game was spirit playing? Anyway fast forward now, I have intergrated with difficulty a 3 mile run (5km) every week with yoga. I like how I feel afterwards. Try it!

  7. Another great show !! On a
    Another great show !! On a squid note, I had just been listening to an audiobook of H.P. Lovecraft….those tentacles… right before I downloaded this show !
    I could definitely connect with the idea of being more than one entity since I share headspace with my Twin on the other side. I really enjoy the stories of awakening on The Experience. Thanks for asking all of those GREAT questions, Jeremy, and thanks, Rabbit, for sharing your fascinating journey.

    1. …I was thinking as I
      …I was thinking as I listened to the show this week, that I haven’t really seen much squid / tentacle symbolism recently…a strange thing to think, I know(!)…within a day, I am sat down watching the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ and what should be in the main sequence?…yes…lots of tentacles!…actually, now I think about it, there was a giant jellyfish with huge tentacles projected onto the side of a Shanghai skyscraper in the last James bond movie ‘Skyfall’…hmm.

  8. Another great interview –
    Another great interview – thank you both.

    On the subject of Rabbits, hearing Cosmic recount that story of waking up to a huge rabbit in the bedroom, reminds me of the Spielberg ‘Taken’ TV series about the abduction phenomenon – where in one episode a youngster is lead from their bedroom, giddy with excitement, into the night by a giant white rabbit…and then when I read that for a time in 2009 Spielberg wanted to direct a remake of ‘Harvey,’ about a man who befriends a 6-foot invisible rabbit….yeah, that’s pretty interesting…and aside from Spielberg there is Frank from the Donnie Darko movie…yeah, I wouldn’t want to meet that particular rabbit.

    The image of the giant rabbit being a screen memory for a visitor does not seem to be a new one – but I have to say it gives me the creeps, when hearing it being presented to a child, as it is at once outwardly attempting to be pacifying and inviting, yet at the same time deceptive and grotesque in its dimensions…an altogether disturbing combination, like some kind of fluffy pied-piper….but I am guessing it is much more complex than that, with a great deal of symbolism wrapped in there too.

    On a completely different note, when Rabbit mentioned “Oneness experiencing itself”…it reminded me of the Lyric from a Howard Jones pop song from back in the 80’s called ‘Hide and Seek’.

    1. Nice clear message in that
      Nice clear message in that song!


  9. I am reminded of something
    I am reminded of something that happened to me recently that involved an earthquake and altered states of mind. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have experienced many earthquakes including the last large one that collapsed freeways and part of the bay bridge. I had been attempting to induce lucid dreaming states and have succeeded on a few occasions. One memorable experience involved attaining a vivid lucid dream state and feeling an earthquake. As I became aware of the earthquake, remember I am in a lucid dream state, I at first thought it was part of my lucid dream and I began to react to it as symbolism, my world was moving because I was learning to lucid dream. So much so that once I was fully awake, I thought I had dreamed the quake. But it seemed so real I got up to look around and be sure. I opened my front door and found my neighbor on his front porch looking around. We had just experienced, about 6 am, an earthquake centered near Napa, Ca. I live near the San Andreas fault. This was within the last year or so.
    Yes, my world had moved. I shared this experience with a close friend later that morning.

  10. This video is worth watching,
    This video is worth watching, if just for the visual of the images envisioned by the old South Korean guy (Ilchi Lee) while he was viewing the “life particle” field. If you enter your email address they will send you a link for free.

    The visual I mentioned also occurs at 0:45-0:52 in the trailer.

    1. Mace,
      Thanks for the link! I

      Thanks for the link! I was expecting yet another typical make-a-quick-buck-power-of-intention video, but this one was a little different. The emphasis in this one was more about personal healing, and you’re right about the visual of the ‘life particle field’. The image itself is compelling, and actually has a ‘good energy’ about it, as many mandalas do. Of course, the site is a commercial endeavor too, but the ideas there are sound. I thought it was interesting that they showed a meditation involving magnets. I have a set of these myself, but I had never considered using them in meditation. Giving that one a try…

      1. Cosmic: Yes, I was a bit
        Cosmic: Yes, I was a bit skeptical of the video at first also, but then I noticed it contained some beneficial hints. I wasn’t quite sure that the “card holding” technique, (where they hold a pic of the image of the life particle field) was a good act to perform, it seemed a little like the Eucharist (“let the power of the divine enter me, though this accepted image/form”). People, get in line. I assert that it is better for people to discover their own way to enlightenment, and commercialization is not helpful. It makes people think that their impressions are incorrect somehow, and they are not. Still, one can admire a clarified image such as the one depicted. I’m sure that the life particle field can show a multitude of images to humans, it is not a boon to simply latch onto one visual. All in all, it was much better to watch than the evening news. Whitley has talked about “mounting vibrations” and I believe these emanate from the life particle tunnel. The video mentioned that the human brain is a transceiver for energy, and I believe that also to be true. However, it is useful to know that chakras are helpful when delving into this subject. Some energies in the body are more dense than lighter energies (which corresponds to the 1-7 chakra levels) and can pull on the higher dimensions, infusing the body with lighter energies. The goal of the life particle is to attain equilibrium, the balance between dark and light. The push and pull of the chakra energies assist in that endeavor. Yin and Yang forces are attracted to each other, revealing each other. This is one reason why it is important to ground oneself before attempting a running energy technique, it prepares the body and mind for whatever is to arise. There is a technique to running energy, one vacillates between lower and higher energies, knowing that they are intimately connected. This will elongate the duration of such sessions. Anybody can run energy, it is a talent accessible to everyone. Being aware of gaps or holes and their function will assist the creative flow along its path, expediting energy surfacing.

        1. Thank you Mace! I just
          Thank you Mace! I just discovered I can search for “mace” in search this site and all mentions of you are displayed. I won’t have to miss any of your posts anymore.

          1. Hey, that’s me! Good to hear,
            Hey, that’s me! Good to hear, EE.

        2. Have you done an interview
          Have you done an interview with Jeremy? Would love to hear more!


          1. I haven’t. Who knows, maybe
            I haven’t. Who knows, maybe someday. If there is anything you want to know, you can ask me. 🙂

          2. It would be fantastic! I
            It would be fantastic! I would be thrilled if Mace fit in a discussion of “Frequencies” (the movie) with Jeremy. That would blow everyone’s mind.

          3. Thanks for your awesome
            Thanks for your awesome enthusiasm, EE. You made me feel like I belong on this board.

  11. Additionally, I would imagine
    Additionally, I would imagine that the “tentacles as ego” construct may actually refer more to the ego’s tendency to spread its influence like a group of tentacles, latching onto whatever is nearby in its (often immediate) environment. Tentacles grab functions and try to control reality through whatever means possible. This may be part of a local neural net, one that is constantly used (and thus it gains great traction). It’s like a field of control, one which is activated by fears, desires, and emotion. Unsophisticated people tend to use this as their primary MO, because they don’t perceive other options. Tentacles do their best to manipulate reality.

    1. Ok, you really do need to do
      Ok, you really do need to do an interview. Like Jeremy said to me, it will be painless and in fact it was fun! Where to begin with my questions? Do an interview, so they can come to me.


      1. I am not vehemently opposed
        I am not vehemently opposed to it 🙂

  12. Tentacle Alert…over at
    Tentacle Alert…over at Phantoms and Monsters, there is a story about a white [ghost] octopus 2 and 1/2 miles down in the ocean !!! NOAA scientists discovered it off the coast of Hawaii. Love that synchromysticism !

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