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Jeremy pauses in the middle of moving house to give us a gem of a show!

We talk a lot about Trickster Theory on this show and how high strangeness phenomena amps up during anti-structural moments in one’s life. But is this true or just a theory? Host Jeremy Vaeni is in the middle of moving to a new home with a new love of his life. In this solo show, he tells us that yes, indeed, psychic chaos is swirling around these events.

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  1. I expect i speak for a lot of
    I expect i speak for a lot of us who have been waiting for another solo show. I paused at 4 minutes in to write this. now back for a listen. Glad you took time out, moving is brutal under the best of circumstances, thanks for thinking of us.

    1. Thanks for listening!
      Thanks for listening!

  2. Jeremy, may you dwell in the
    Jeremy, may you dwell in the song of joy which Carol means, and lift each other and all in your path, to the Light.
    I am indeed, happy for you both.

    Your questions are good and thoughtful. In the telling, i felt some humor, because your style is so true and real. Of course, could it be any other way?

    You seek deep answers which sometimes cannot be found except in letting go of the questions, and living life. Not easy, i know.

    If it is “knowing” that you want, it isn’t really “answers” alone, but also experience. Aha, the title of your show : ) Shared experience… not that held tightly within one’s fist. Rather, open hands reaching out and touching others and being touched by them as well.

    Oneness is … experiencing it is a gift received. I suspect many listeners have experienced Oneness and each story shared will have it’s “uniqueness” – yet all will in essence be “one.”

    I have wished i could give it away to others, but it is not mine to give. However, when my daughter was born, the others in the room also experienced it. I asked.

    Once, i was praying before a meeting, and was overwhelmed with It, just before the meeting. I must have seemed really strange, i kept asking… can’t you feel it? I couldn’t stop smiling…and there is no way i could explain…just kept asking and trying share it…

    I didn’t seek it, it was given. Pure gift. For me, it was holding the Hand of God… and when i remember, i can touch the hem of the garment…

    I did not, do not “deserve” it. I am quite human with many weaknesses and failures. I wish everyone could experience Oneness. Yet it is given to little old me. Who could have told me or prepared me?

    In the end, gratitude for the blessings and gift of Life. Sharing, reaching out to help others who struggle, being there … all these and more… for others and i benefit too. Life is one… we can get our heads around that. Maybe that is the second step, and the first is knowing which comes from asking, listening, being…

    Hope this helps.

  3. One last thing… most
    One last thing… most important…
    None of my story is shared when i am with others.
    However, that gift received is not to be held tightly in my fist. It is to be lived with and for others…made real, given away, spent…just trying to help others… whatever way i can… loving as best i can …. just like everyone else. Not different or special… just being for others in real ways that are my expression of love and giving back.

  4. Hi Jeremy. I have a new
    Hi Jeremy. I have a new appreciation of “the trickster,” and a new theory. Of course, as with any theory of the spiritual, the ephemeral, the nagual, it is only a reflection of that part of me. But hey, I like it.

    Unknown Country led me to many different interesting sources of information, solace, and confusion. One such source is Mike Clelland’s book on Owls. Through his book I got reconnected with the book “Seven Arrows”. I’d actually come in contact with SevenArrows years ago, but never read it for one reason or another. Thanks to the joy of Amazon Prime (will those people not someday own all of commerce?), all I had to do was type in the title, press the orange button, and four days later it was in my hands.

    Thus once again I come in contact with the idea the the abstract spiritual is not linearly comprehensible by the material minds we possess on this plane. But when they, the Plains Natives, describe Vihio – and the clarity with which they describe it – it comes across to me like this.


    Now – this is not the negative failure. This is not space shuttle Columbia failure. This is not Pickett’s Charge failure or even the sub-prime mortgage debacle. My internal read on trickster is that it is a purposeful misdirection that causes us to need to change path or reassess. This is a crucial component to our progress on Earth due to the nature of our own inquiry – and what I mean by “nature” is that it is the “characteristic” of our interrogation of the Universe.

    I am an engineer, and in engineering we say (actually, we NEVER say this, but it is truth): “there is no progress without failure.” If your ideas work the first time when you build them, they hypnotize you. They lock you into their pattern. And almost nobody’s first idea is the best one, or the correct one.

    If you watch the old TV series “Mythbusters” you see this in action all the time. They need to fail to get to a more optimal solution. Meanwhile, they fall in love with each of their creations. This “falling in love” is the best feeling in life to a builder/creator/engineer. But it is the most dangerous.

    It’s the trickster that kicks you off that path so you can take the “meta” position – above your prior path – that allows you to see your errors (and sometimes brilliance) more clearly. There is almost no other way to shine a light on your latent stupidity. And we all have it, but are in denial of it.

    And the trickster does it lovingly.

    It’s like – when you’re standing at a lathe, making a cut for a thread that has to be done in one, uninterrupted pass – and suddenly you have to pee. And you resist and you resist and you resist until you convince yourself you can interrupt the cut and go pee.

    And you do it. And you go. And while you’re in the bathroom it hits you that you are cutting the wrong thread – and by the way – shouldn’t be threading anything at all.

    The trickster cures writer’s block. It’s the child’s birthday cake candle puff that knocks down your house of cards, or your daughter’s puppy that clips the first domino with its tail while you’re half mile away setting the 30,000th.

    It’s a way to introduce failure into your patterns, to get you to experience different patterns.

    Without this loving introduction of utter failure, we never progress.

    Anyway – that’s the way I think about it now that I’ve read Seven Arrows…and other things. Best of luck with your new relationship and new home.


  5. Jeremy, the only Trickster
    Jeremy, the only Trickster out there is you. I have been the Trickster most of my life, although it has taken me a number of years to figure that out.

    During ‘anti-structural’ events in our lives, I believe one tends to experience more ‘in the now’ moments. Even falling in love feels that way, and there are moments of sheer timelessness (As you probably already know.) Since you live even these seemingly small moments in timelessness, let’s just say that you are also opening up yourself to synchronicities and some attending weirdness, and this all does dovetail with ‘The Super Natural’. I feel it is also important to note that just paying attention makes a difference. Many people have extraordinary things happen and pay no attention at all to these events, nor do they connect the dots. ( I know, because I was married to one of those people.) I am with a man now who is is quite different, and ours is shared experience in that we notice and discuss the odd things that occur in our lives, plus if an experience happens when we are both present, he does not automatically go into denial.

    I am very happy for you and Carol! Don’t overthink the odd stuff, but acknowledge it, share it, and enjoy those special moments that you experience as a couple and as individuals. It’s called Magic. 🙂

  6. Jeremy, just continue to do
    Jeremy, just continue to do what you are doing. I enjoy the SOLO you as well as the guests you interview. Happy new home and Carol…..This is an exciting time with new adventures ahead for both of you.

  7. Trickster and Cheating
    Trickster and Cheating Dreams:
    If you have not see Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” then you must for in it he takes the trickster phenomenon to the dark side giving the experience its ultimate portrayal.

    I have been saying they are us for years.

  8. So was it the fact that the
    So was it the fact that the woman was worked in music, or was it that she was working for an evangelical group that was gross to Jeremy??? I like Jeremy, but sadly he is like most leftist thinkers, he THINKS he is open minded and non-judgmental. Imagine any show host saying a woman working for a feminist organization made them feel gross. How about some guests that have had their lives saved by Jesus? There are more people that have had miracles done in their lives being Christians, than have had close encounter experiences. And probably by factor that is in the millions. I find it bizarre that people can believe in ever possible paranormal, fairy, ghost, bigfoot story, yet will flat out dismiss or even laugh at people who have been transformed by a person that lived over 2000 years ago. Just some food for thought. Heck, the best paranormal stories I have ever heard involve peoples encounters with GOD. Many of the the best stories come from former atheists and Christian haters. Just some food for thought.

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