Want to give birth to a girl? Move to the tropics. It’s a good idea to provide your kids with sisters because experts say that sisters spread happiness in a family while brothers spread distress. But if you’re pregnant with a boy, you may need to stop wearing makeup.

Experts know that the birth rates of boys and girls vary across the globe, and people who live near the equator have more girl babies than people living in the rest of the world, and the chances of giving birth to a boy increase as you head south.
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Smoking and drinking?they go together and they’re both worse for women.

When it comes to alcohol, the dividing line between a little and a lot depends on many things, including sex. Women are more vulnerable than men to alcohol?s long-term effects. Exposure to smoke more quickly leads to cancer in women as well.

Women break down alcohol more slowly than men do. If a woman and a man drink identical glasses of wine with the same meal, she will have a higher blood level of alcohol, and for a longer time. This means her tissues are exposed to more alcohol per drink than a man’s.
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An illiterate woman in Saudi Arabia who was arrested in 2005 and accused of being a witch is about to be executed, despite the protests of human rights groups. In BBC News, Heba Saleh reports that the Saudi religious police have accused her of causing a man to become impotent. And these people are our friends? Maybe there’s a good reason for us to be in the Middle East!

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Why do women have to go through menopause?is it because having a baby over age 50 would be likely to kill them? Or maybe it’s because, next to their mothers, what kids REALLY need are GRANDMOTHERS. Also, we’ve discovered a sneaky way to tell if a woman is fertile.

In New Scientist, Colin Barras reports on a study of lap dancers that shows that men give bigger tips to lap dancers who are ovulating, because they send out subtle signals, revealing when they’re fertile.
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