An incredibly well-preserved jar of 2,000-year-old face cream was found at the site of an ancient Roman temple in London. The cream even had its user’s fingerprints still in it. It was made from donkey’s milk, and other ancient cosmetics have been found made from delightful ingredients like crocodile dung.

Amanda Onion writes in that another favorite Roman cosmetic ingredient came from the sweat and dirt from sheep’s wool. “Basically they were getting lanolin,” says Museum of London curator Jenny Hall. Lanolin is still used in cosmetics today.

For lipstick, Roman women used red ochre or the dregs from red wine. They mixed bear’s fat with lamp soot for eyeliner and mascara. Blusher and eye shadow came from ground saffron.
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Scientists have developed an pill that solves two of women?s biggest problems: it’s an oral contraceptive that helps you lose weight. This is great news, since most women gain weight while taking the Pill. College student Gina Patterson says, “It’s supposed to be a weight-loss pill, but also a birth control pill at the same time.”

“On a standard birth control pill, I think the average woman might expect to gain a pound or two. On Yasmin, I think the average woman might expect to lose a pound or two,” says gynecologist Dr. Bob Barbieri. Yasmin uses a different form of the hormone progestin that acts as a diuretic, eliminating excess sodium and water from your body. You don?t lose fat, but you do avoid the bloating problem that?s common with many birth control pills. read more

Researchers have found that short, symmetrical women have longer relationships with men. People whose faces and bodies are the same on both sides are considered more attractive and have an easier time attracting mates. It also helps to be short: the average height for a British woman is 5 feet, 4 inches, but those who are a few inches shorter are most likely to be married and to have children by the age of 42. This is true for all social classes. However, women prefer men who are taller than average.
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