Why do women have to go through menopause?is it because having a baby over age 50 would be likely to kill them? Or maybe it’s because, next to their mothers, what kids REALLY need are GRANDMOTHERS. Also, we’ve discovered a sneaky way to tell if a woman is fertile.

In New Scientist, Colin Barras reports on a study of lap dancers that shows that men give bigger tips to lap dancers who are ovulating, because they send out subtle signals, revealing when they’re fertile.

In another In New Scientist article, Debora MacKenzie writes that it would seem most efficient for the continuation of our species if women NEVER stopped being able to have babies. But if that was the case, they wouldn’t have time to be grandmothers, and data from Africa shows that grandmothers improve the survival chances of their daughters’ offspring (however, this ISN’T the case if it’s your husband’s mother)! MacKenzie quotes researcher Daryl Shanley as saying, “When menopause happened at 50, about 60% of children had a surviving maternal grandmother with no young children of her own, but with menopause at 65 that fell to 10%.”

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