First congress passed a bill saying that pharmacists could refuse to fill prescriptions for things, like birth-control pills, that went against their religious convictions. Then they banned a vaccine that would prevent cervical cancer, since it might contribute to women having pre-martial sex (as if they weren’t doing that already). Now the senate may pass bill S.1955, which would remove the mandate for insurance companies to pay for mammograms (as well as colonoscopies).

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Don’t take birth control for granted?there are doctors andpharmacists who want to eliminate birth control pills.

Jill McGivering writes in that in the U.S., anincreasing number of doctors and pharmacists are refusing togive women the Pill, saying it’s actually a type ofabortion. While mainstream medicine doesn’t define it thatway, some pro-life professionals do.

Dr. Cynthia Jones-Nosacek, who is a family doctor inMilwaukee, is one of these. She says, “The contraceptivepill doesn’t always prevent ovulation. As often as 30% ofthe time, ovulation may occur and if that happens,fertilization may occur. Then there are other mechanismsthat can prevent that being from surviving. It’s called achemical abortion.”
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In the Woody Allen movie “Sleeper,” Woody’s body is frozen and he wakes up years later to discover that in order to have an orgasm, people simply go into an “orgasm box.” Now fiction has become reality: researchers have created “Slightest Touch,” a device that can give women orgasms by only touching their ankles.

It works by stimulating the sexual nerve pathway. Women drink an electrolyte sports drink 20 minutes before using it, then apply two white electrode pads inside their ankles and turn on the machine. Slightest Touch sends gentle pulses up the woman’s leg for between 10 and 30 minutes leaving women on the edge of climax.
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Jordan is considered to be one of the most modern Middle Eastern countries, yet a woman is killed by a male relative there about every two weeks, because of alleged sexual transgressions?which include saying the wrong thing or even being raped.
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