As part of the recent buildup of Russian military forces in the Arctic it has been revealed that the Kremlin is using the situation to continue tests of their nuclear-powered Poseidon 2M39 torpedo, with President Vladimir Putin requesting an update on what was considered a “key stage” of the weapon’s trials inread more

Small miscalculations create great wars, and the law of unintended consequences governs the way the unfold and how they end. In June of 1914 when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, nobody imagined that the greatest war know to that time would be triggered as a result, and that it would destroy an orderly world and lead to another eighty years of upheaval. Similarly, when Dean Acheson made a policy speech in 1950 that failed to mention that Korea was considered an ally by the US, nobody realized that North Korea would then start the horrific Korean war that has led to the situation we face today, with the possibility that a hot war could break out at any time.
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Automotive and spaceflight entrepreneur Elon Musk issued a series of tweets on September 4th that downplayed the threat posed by the nuclear ambitions of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying that the race to develop more powerful artificial intelligence is more likely to trigger World War III instead.
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US President Donald Trump today delivered a fierce ultimatum to North Korea: if Kim Jong Un makes any more threats against the United States, he will face "fire and fury like the world has never seen." The warning came after the White House received an intelligence briefing suggesting with a high degree of credibility that North Korea has developed or is developing a miniaturized nuclear weapon that could be placed on a missile capable of reaching the US. It was further stated that it is not believed that the weapon has been tested.

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