US President Donald Trump today delivered a fierce ultimatum to North Korea: if Kim Jong Un makes any more threats against the United States, he will face "fire and fury like the world has never seen." The warning came after the White House received an intelligence briefing suggesting with a high degree of credibility that North Korea has developed or is developing a miniaturized nuclear weapon that could be placed on a missile capable of reaching the US. It was further stated that it is not believed that the weapon has been tested.

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These days, it appears that there are few things that Man can do, that a machine could not do as well, or even better. This apparently includes engaging in warfare.

Certainly, defense is an area where no expense is spared in developing the latest technology and improving performance, but sometimes constructing advanced weaponry can take a very long time. For example, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet was the most technologically advanced fighter ever created, designed back in 1983 to give the US military a tactical edge in the Cold War, but it took 22 years – and $39 billion – before it was delivered, 14 years after the fall of the Soviet Union.
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