On May 28, Ramon Watkins, who calls himself ‘Prophet Yahweh’astonished a Las Vegas TV news crew by apparently succeedingin calling a UFO on command before KNTV news cameras. Thestation then asked him to call UFOs on live TV on June 1,and he agreed. Then he claims that they backed out, underpressure ofsome unnamed kind. He wrote, “It seems like thestation is coming under great pressure to not cover any moreof my summonings.” But something more than a lack of mediaattention seems to have gone wrong.
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Why aren’t we surprised that this happened in Las Vegas? Aman who claims that he has been using bible texts to calldown UFOs for years has apparently caused one to appear oncommand for a Las Vegas TV crew.

The stunned television personnel watched as ‘Prophet Yahweh”aka Ramon Watkins, raised his arms in prayer to Yahweh andpleaded with him, “show them that I’m not mentally ill.”Moments later, the crew filmed an excellent UFO sighting,with the craft manuevering in an impossible manner, thenheading off toward Nellis Air Force Base, then returning,only to disappear.

Unlike the prophet’s calls to his friends in the sky, the TVstation’s calls to Nellis went unanswered.
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The nation of Brazil is relaxing its policy of UFO secrecy.It is the first among a number of countries known to beconsidering the idea of abandoning the secrecy mandate thathas been in place worldwide since the phenomenon first beganto be publicly known nearly fifty years ago.

A.J. Gevaerd of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchersreports that a number of important files have just beenreleased, including a folder containing documents from 1977that cover dozens of cases of UFOs in the Amazon with over100 pictures made during Operation Saucer, an officialBrazilian military investigation that was carried outbetween September and December, 1977.
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The Google Maps satellite map of Magnolia Park, Floridashows a clear view of an unusual object floating above 39thStreet in the town.

The shadow on the object is similar to the shadows on theground, meaning that it is in the atmosphere relativelyclose to the surface, probably no higher than 20,000 feet.

There are no towers or unusual objects in the area thatcould account for the formation, which appears to be inrapid vibrational movement. Because of the unusual motionvisible on its surface, it is not likely that this is aballoon.

Without knowing its distance from the ground, it isimpossible to determine the size of the object, but it wouldseem to be quite large, even huge.
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