In his book ?Liquidation of the UFO,? published this year in Russia, Pavel Poluyan says that UFOs aren?t from outer space, but are secret U.S. aircraft first made in the 1940s and used to spy on the Soviets.

In a Russian TV documentary titled ?UFO: Life Behind Barbed Wire,? Russian military officers revealed that the U.S. used ?flying saucers? to spy on the USSR. Poluyan says George Bush senior made the decision to classify UFO documents while he was director of the FBI.
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Despite the fact that the British government recently declared that there is no evidence for the existence of UFOs, the BBC sent TV weatherman Mike Powell out with UFO hunter David Kingston to see if he could find any signs of UFOs. Powell knows all about weather and can?t be fooled by cloud shapes, Northern Lights or ball lighting.

Kingston, who used to be in the Royal Air Force, has interviewed pilots all over the world who have seen UFOs from their cockpits. He has many videos taken by people who have seen UFOs flying all over England.

Together, they visited college lecturer and UFO investigator Craig Roberts and watched and he went under hypnosis in order to retrieve his abduction memories. His students have won awards for their UFO investigations. read more

The so-called ?alien implants? that have been found in the bodies of some of the people who report UFO abductions, when removed by physicians like Dr. Roger Leir, are often found to have a small magnetic field. This may be a clue that they affect the brain, either by enhancing it or changing it in some way via magnetism.
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According to several eyewitnesses in Chile, twenty-four people had an interdimensional travel experience during an international UFO congress. The event, which took place in the Cipreseses River National Reservoir, in Rancagua, Chile, was predicted by Peruvian ufologist Sixto Paz.

During a recent UFO expo in Chile, Paz announced that Chileans would soon have contact with extraterrestrials and said, ?What is about to happen this month will resonate worldwide.?

Chilean ufologist Camilo Valdivieso says that on Saturday night, March 29, many eyewitnesses saw lights in the sky. According to one, ?they were as bright as giant light bulbs.?
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