This week on Dreamland we are joined by Dr Bernard Beitman, a psychologist and author of the book Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen.

Bernard explains how a true synchronicity works and what we can do to bring more of this underlying harmony into our own lives. He discusses the difference between ordinary chance and a truly significant event, and how we can recognise these important moments.

Whitley and Bernard go on to examine various stunning cases, including that of a man who was saved from cancer by a synchronicity involving famed scientist John Lilly; and an amazing story about a balloon that changed the lives of two people forever.

Then, Whitley tells the story of a truly mind-boggling coincidence from his own life, which prompts a moving and exciting explanation from Bernard.

It’s no coincidence you have come across this show – so listen carefully to this incredible interview! Coincidentally, you can take control of Meaningful Coincidences by clicking here.

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  1. I was talking to my husband about Michael Schermer’s wedding experience (not for the first time) a day or two ago, before I knew the content of this week’s Dreamland.

  2. So glad I just yesterday “coincidentally” signed on as a “subscriber to Strieber”. Must be that I had a need for it. I am very interested in this subject…..had a lot of it happen in my life! Love this program!!

  3. The stories in this show were amazing. On the downside, the guest mentioned scientific studies of meaningful coincidences toward the beginning; but this topic was not covered at all during the show.

  4. Another fascinating programme – thank you.

    “Coincidences” have played a major part in key moments of my life – for instance, an opportunity to crew on a small boat for a few weeks in the 1980s gave me time to come to a decision about a major life change, and finding sources of spiritual/psychic knowledge despite living in a small country town in Queensland in the 1970s.

    The two that most stand out most for me, though, are travel coincidences: in the 1980s, travelling 100 km from home and, while browsing in a nursery, meeting friends who had travelled 70 km, and about a decade ago being 200 km away from home, returning from a trip to a place 130 km further away, and meeting friends from 400 km further up the coast when we stopped for a coffee break.

    I’m looking forward to following the Coincidence Project website, and getting the book.

    1. Thanks for this reminder. Traveling somewhere and meeting a friend (or friend of a friend) who also traveled there is indeed one type of synchronicity I have encountered several times in significant points in my journey.

  5. Wonderful elucidation of an aspect of reality which we should have more attention for.

    Whitley asked the rhetorical question, ‘Is it a presence or person/people involved?’ and I think this is a very insightful key for categorization. When we think of someone whom we have not thought of in a long while and then they call us, it might be our psychic connection and telempathic link. Other times it seems like the sentient Universe instigates synchronicity. Perhaps an ancestor or a celestial being / guardian angel or some other unknown sentience is involved. The Universe is indeed full of sentient actions upon the synchronicity of events. Stressful life situations, deep needs, or strong emotions would tend to imply there is a psi component, while other synchronicities appear ‘out of the blue’ and seem like the Universe has something to say, some teaching to share. The very significant events have a deep intimate knowledge of our lives.

    I feel compelled to point out that One must use discretion and contemplate what the meaning and guidance for one’s life really is, always using love as a compass, such that one is not misled by desires, illusions, or delusions. The art of recognizing significant synchronicity and the meaning and guidance provided is a life long refinement.

  6. The Universe has winked at me often…(Another good book on synchronicities that came out in 2002 was ‘When God Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life’) I have known the power of this kind of thing for so many years…It’s about really paying attention and noticing the magic of your life.

    I won’t relay but one of these cool synchronicities at this time, but it involved me and Mr Strieber back in July 2007, and is even documented right on this website, in the very first crop circle meditation that was done that year. It involved a photo of The Alamo in San Antonio taken by me on a family trip…and a crop formation referred to as ‘The Open Doors’:

  7. …One more thing…I have communicated with Eric Wargo via email and also Twitter for a while now. Earlier this year, I asked him about my experience with a ‘Watcher’ that occurred a few days before the talk with Leigh McCloskey—where Leigh talked about the ‘Watchers’, and displayed a painting of a ‘Watcher’—that looked exactly like what I had seen in my room earlier that week. Wargo’s conclusion was that I was having precognition, ta-da—about watching the interview with Leigh a few days later!

  8. Such an excellent program, at every level, in every way. Thank you both!

  9. A great and important subject, and I’m grateful that you covered it. I experience synchronicities/meaningful coincidences constantly, and keep wondering what or who the puppet master is that causes them. Am I doing it myself?

    I’d like to make a small correction: The Webb telescope is NOT proving that the Big Bang didn’t happen. That’s internet hype and clickbait. The meaning of some anomalous findings is still up in the air, but they don’t wipe out the huge amount of evidence for the Big Bang. (That being said, since time isn’t really linear, it’s hard to interpret what is meant by the “beginning” of anything….)

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