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Melissa Fordham, a young woman who used to babysit our daughter when she was a kid, wrote Trish about an experience her cousin, Joe Killian, had. She asked Trish if she would talk with Joe through email. So it’s a synchronicity that she happened to be in South Florida this weekend, visiting her parents, and didn’t know we were having Joe on the show. 
In January 2019, Joe had an alien encounter that, in his words, turned his life upside down. He’s a retired elementary Physical Education school teacher from Danbury CT, where he taught from January 1973 to June 2009 in public schools.
He also worked in many restaurants to help supplement his income during those years.
That’s why he’s connected to the place and area where his encounter occurred. He has been familiar with restaurant staff, owners, and customers at that restaurant, so he knows many of them and they are still great friends.
Trish met Kenneth through LinkedIn, where he’d written, “For most of my life I had no awareness that I was an abductee. The night experiences I thought were dreams. In these, I would visit many places and see the same people many nights after I fell asleep.  I thought they were dream people.  I could smell, touch them, and have all six senses with them.  Some places were cold, some places warm and in other places, I couldn’t seem to get enough oxygen in.…”
So we invited both men to talk about their experiences and invited Melissa to talk about what Joe initially told her. 
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  1. Bl**dy hell that’s funked up stuff. I’ve seen star like objects, blue spheres etc going from Nov 2019.

  2. All I can say is that through Joe Killian, bless him, never have I heard such a vivid, unique and incredible account. On the YouTube video, listeners can see his pictorials so well done of Joes experience . I’m so grateful that Melissa was able to bring this to a platform where his story could be told. This was FABULOUS. It couldn’t have happened to a better person it seems who was able to articulate this event in such a manner to be so well understood. I feel as if I was right there with him.

    1. I know what you mean. When Joe first related this experience, I felt the same way.

  3. Maybe the tall entity did a couple shots of jaiger meister on the way out! I enjoyed the guests and your show rob and Trish. Thanks from the Live Free or Die State of NH.

  4. I don’t know what to make of Kens stories?! They sound a bit way out there! Pleaidiens,grays,secret space force ,etc. Is this for real or b.s.? Does anybody have any idea what to say about this? Eating people now!come on! I can’t believe this shit,he is gonzo! Sorry

  5. It’s supposedly what he has experienced. I’ve heard stranger stories from others who have had encounters, but yes, Ken’s experiences are weird.

  6. Watched Kens part again.What is he smokin! So republicans are reptiles,Democrats grays and what no party avians?! Ships to evacuate the human population to another planet. Botched surgeries by grays and others! It goes on and on. It’s freaking comical to listen to this shit.Please put him on Dreamland with Whitley.He must have an implant in the left side of the brain. He is probably a nice guy but he’s going overboard!!

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