Whitley Strieber has published a new journal entry detailing his thoughts about a possible process of disclosure that could take another step when 18 policy documents covering events in Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 are released next March by the British Ministry of Defense. Whitley states his belief that the documents may contain speculation that what witnesses have been claiming for years is true: that the lights and strange structures seen in the forest may have been under intelligent control. He then discusses the impact that such a disclosure may have both on the general public and the academic and scientific communities, and points out that the general assumption that UFOs and related phenomena mean that aliens have recently arrived here may n not be the whole story. Strieber says, "If they are released in full, the policy documents are expected to contain discussions about whether or not the lights and structures observed in Rendlesham Forest and by base radars were under intelligent control, and to speculate on what this may mean." To read the journal entry, click here. Unknowncountry subscribers, to listen to Whitley’s statement for you, click here.

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