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UFOs. Oneness experience. Concept Therapy. Where to begin with this one? How about with the fact that perhaps the only difference between this week’s guest–a former U.S. Airman stationed in the U.K.–and the airmen involved with the Rendlesham Forest Incident is the fact that he did not get out of the car to investigate the glowing UFO sitting in a farm field. Intrigued? It’s only the beginning.

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  1. Jeremy, thank you for your
    Jeremy, thank you for your response to my questions. I had a deeper insight into why speaking about them is so important. I “knew” that in my head before, but my heart is touched. I felt the vulnerability of each experiencer, and the cloak of kindness with which you envelop them in your conversation. Maybe this is an opportunity for them to experience freedom they may not have had before. Perhaps a burden each has carried for a long time, may become lighter as they speak their stories and find themselves not quite so alone.

    No words can say how moved i am.

    Each guest has brought lots to the table. Perhaps it is a cumulative effect, that there seems to be something about what it is to be “human” that we have either hidden from ourselves or forgotten.

    Forgive the “breadth” of this, it seems experiences bring out or reveal something specific for each experiencer. Very interesting that the connections between human beings are somehow realized over time, and that Oneness with Something More is also oneness with each other. Although is doesn’t seem to be immediately so for each experience/ experiencer.

    The story of your guests’ mother, brings up quite well how fragile we are as individuals. Perhaps the fine line between health and illness in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each person are broken by the separations we create. In turn, the tearing apart of reality is cause and effect of not knowing “who we really are” and “how to be” human with others.

    The Why? questions do not go away. That tells me there is so little i “know” and “understand” (not the same) about this experience we call life. Yet it is profound “to be” and “to share it with everyone else.” A gift and a school i guess.

  2. Jeremy, thanks for posting
    Jeremy, thanks for posting this show. Much appreciated.

  3. Interesting . . . the
    Interesting . . . the Military sure seems to be into some esoteric stuff . . . and evidently has been for quite a while. imo, Experiencers are a lot like the blind men feeling different parts of the elephant. It is my hope that enough of us can step back, synthesize the many experiences we and others have, and begin to see the whole elephant.

    I can’t help but resonate with his mother’s story. Coincidently? enough — I had come to the same conclusion about his mom being manipulated — exactly as she explained to him — with the addition of one caveat I hadn’t thought of — namely — she believed that if she was able to attain the state again that she attained — she wld have been powerful enough to oppose them — so they kept her sedated and constrained. The development and manipulation of psychic power seems to be very important to whatever enemy we are facing. From their pov — if they can develop a being that can key into the Oneness and they can manipulate that being — they wld have the perfect weapon. They are like children playing with fire. They both seek — and yet are fearful of — our psychic power.

    Thanks to the guest for sharing his story. I think when one tries to move kundalini thru a loving heart outwards — rather than from the base of the spine up — one is more likely to attain a pristine form of connection with the W/hole. I never had success with the spine up kundalini (which I think is akin to using the “back door” to experience God that we are warned about in the Judeo-Christian Bible )– but one day while cleansing my heart chakra I went naturally into this blissful state and it was/is just as you describe. I realized that this was a state I experienced a lot when I was younger — and tended to be generated by family experiences of love and well-being. I think that the more one attains/maintains this state of equilibrium with all beings — the ability to “know” things also begins to manifest — one’s intuition expands — and one’s ability to interact w/the universe — regardless of distance — increases.

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