Every year that passes, we come closer to an admission by our authorities that the visitors are real. In 2022, we are closer than ever. But please never forget this basic fact: they control the degree to which they are being exposed to us. No government controls this, and none ever has. They don’t do this so much by exotic means like, say, control of the minds of government officials, but rather by means of exquisitely insightful social engineering. As their entire presence here has been built around a slow process of acclimatization designed to avoid culture shock, it is unlikely that they are intervening in the freedom of our leadership in order to serve their own ends.

It has been some time since I’ve put pen to paper and written another journal. I’ve been working on a new book, which always takes me far from my daily life. This one is about the character, practices and motives of our visitors, and what will happen when and if they emerge.

It must not be forgotten that we can only see them through the lens of our own perceptions, so we do not and cannot know in any absolute way what they are. It may be that we will be unable to come to a final answer to this question even when we are face-to-face with them. 

This is the central question that I deal with in the book. Nevertheless, overthe years, I have amassed some useful resources, and the book uses that information and knowledge to build a picture of them and their policies and aims that I hope will be useful to us in deepening our understanding.

 At some point, they are going to become a factual reality for all of us, but even then we may not have a final answer about what they are. But at that point, the public will shift from ignoring them to demanding answers about what they are and what their motives may be, and our intellectuals will move past denial into research and study. Knowledge now kept behind closed doors will be revealed.

But a caveat here: not everything that is classified is right. There is at present no level of human knowledge about them that can be said to be entirely and certainly factual and correct, and that includes even the deepest held secret material about things like their biology, the functionality of their machines, and, most important of all, their place in reality.

We stand in danger of assuming that revealed material is correct and accurate because it has been classified. That’s a danger to remember.

I believe that they will have two purposes: first, to channel planetary decline in whatever way they wish to; second, to engage with souls of interest to them. My book will discuss both subjects, as well as exploring what they are and how it is that their and our perceptual systems limit our ability to understand one another.

One thing that is going to happen–indeed, is happening now–is that people are going to start making claims that they support one religion or another, one political position or another, one philosophy or another, or that they have special access of one kind or another.

In fact, there are only two things that have emerged that are probably identifiable as messages from them. Both are about the survival of life on Earth. The first is climate change. This is the primary message left with close encounter witnesses. In fact, it is the only consistent message left with them. The second is nuclear war. We know of this concern because they have interfered dozens of times with nuclear weapons sites in the US and Russia and some in the UK. (The airbase near Rendlesham Forest, for example, was a nuclear weapons repository.)

There are no other messages from them that carry this same weight. The others are all channeled material or what is basically the wishful thinking of people who want to use them to push one agenda or another, usually political. Or they come from direct interface with the visitors. I’ve got some of those myself. But because of the profound disconnect between our two different understandings of reality, this sort of direct communication must be approached with great care.

As it becomes more obvious that they really are here, the tendency to claim them for one’s own agenda will increase. However, what we do know about them is that they obviously have one policy that spreads across any and all factions that may exist among them. It is a policy of non-intervention. Therefore, they aren’t going to be getting behind any of our agendas.

I suspect that they now are certain that they must intervene, and that they have been certain of this since around the year 2000. The reason I think this is that it was around that year that military aircraft, ships and various satellite resources began recording UAPs in ways that were completely convincing. There were convincing encounters before, of course, but it was after 2000 that they began to become commonplace. And by that I mean, that our instruments were definitely recording some sort of material presence, and in much more detail than previously. I don’t say “physical” because that might not be the case, at least not in a way we now understand. If they are projections from a parallel universe, or if they have arrived through a wormhole from some distant part of this universe, the degree of physicality involved is still going to be an unknown to us.

It seems clear at this point that we–as in, the United States and Russian armed forces–have been shooting at them for a long time. It would appear that, when attacked, they shoot back, and that military personnel have been injured and killed as a result. When this information emerges, as it will at some point after initial disclosure, it will be sobering. At that time, please recall that, when we are attacked, we also defend ourselves.

Meeting them as a species is going to be every bit as challenging for the whole human species as it is for individuals, and quite possibly more so. In fact, our vast community of social reinforcement is likely to amplify the frightening aspects of close encounter and ignore the benefits. This will intensify a cultural shock that will be very much like the shock that indigenous cultures receive when they are first exposed to other people who possess incomprehensible technological superiority: a sense of disempowerment and a rejection of established values and beliefs.

At present NASA is attempting to understand what the admission of an alien presence will mean to our religions. I can already speak to this, as my own religious journey has been profoundly affected by my contact experience. Prior to the Communion event, I had already rejected my stern childhood Catholicism. Afterward, I initially rejected all religion.

There followed a spiritual journey, taken with them at my side every step of the way, that led me into a deeper and deeper connection with my soul, with some very ancient human wisdom, and finally to the writing of Jesus: A New Vision.

The book does not see Jesus as a god, but rather as a human being who achieved true humanity by living for the good, teaching it and dying for it. In other words, he gave himself completely yto what we call God, and what the Gospel of Mary calls the Good.

This is my life now, trying in my own small way to live his teaching and by so doing completely accept my humanity and all humanity, and that includes humanity from other worlds.

The initial shock of the Communion experience has led to a life lived in love. As Anne Strieber said so long ago, “you should call it Communion because that’s what it’s about.”



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  1. Wonderful and wise journal, Thank You.

    Humanity must now consider ‘Who/What are we? What is Consciousness? What is Life Force / spirited intent?’ Our ideas of Physicality are already overturned in modern physics, so the illusion of philosophical materialism will finally be seen as a foolish mythology and neither they nor we are ‘physical mechanisms’, there is so much more to every living being. The world view they will turn over is much greater than ‘the whole galactic community is watching this travesty’; it will be a realistic comprehension of the Soul of Consciousness and the deep implications for every human to understand the precious spiritual nature of a life as a human. We owe them vast gratitude already for their dedicated work over the ages and it is time for humanity to heal the Earth because of our entwined nature and a great love for the future children.

  2. YAY! A new journal entry…+ all the fuss on disclosure!
    I concur on climate change & nuclear war they have shown me and told many of those intentions and their agenda.
    I really love this:

    “The book does not see Jesus as a god, but rather as a human being who achieved true humanity by living for the good, teaching it and dying for it. In other words, he gave himself completely to what we call God, and what the Gospel of Mary calls the Good.”

    I was raised Southern Baptist, which I turned from.. I have been into earth based religions, now I am non – religious but believe in the soul and afterlife however its celebrated.( I do enjoy traditions- but not man made dogma)
    Jesus was a shaman who mastered what all ascended beings can do…
    Whitley , I cant wait to read the book…

  3. Thank you for posting this, Whitley.

    I believe it was said here that 2020 would be the year that the veil between the living and the dead would be lifted. Whether that’s true I cannot say, but for me that statement has been a catalyst for what I perceive to be a reveal of some kind. An acknowledgment of a presence that is coming from many main stream sources. And with what Whitley wrote above, that reveal now seems all but incontrovertible.

    1. Author

      I don’t recall giving it a specific date, but when and if the visitors actually become part of our physical reality, I would think that it is inevitably going to happen.

      However, it should not be forgotten that official admission that they are here and their appearance are two different things. We might know of their reality for a long time before – and If- they become part of the familiar world.

      1. Agreed. I’ve known something extraordinary was here for damn near my entire life. Therefore, for me, an institutions’ admission is just anticlimactic validation.

      2. And as others have already stated, I’m looking forward to your new book.

  4. Excellent point about the potential to believe that information is correct simply because it had previously been classified. Classification and truth certainly do not go hand in hand. There will be a lot of noise coming from so many different segments of our society once the presence of the visitors becomes incontrovertible. I hope that noise does not result in too many people adopting a closed view of this complex phenomenon. Seems to me that an open mind, calm, and a heafty degree of inner and outer silence that fosters introspection would be the most useful approach at the outset. I look forward to what will be an unprecedented opportunity for the world to come closer together. I hope to be a part of that effort, if even in the smallest of ways.

  5. Author

    My dad was a very smart and canny man. He once told me, “if you want to be believed, whisper.”

  6. “This will intensify a cultural shock that will be very much like the shock that indigenous cultures receive when they are first exposed to other people who possess incomprehensible technological superiority: a sense of disempowerment and a rejection of established values and beliefs.”

    I wonder if this statement has been hinted at in your recent report of your car ride thru a/the mirror universe. You had described a road that seemed primitive by our modern standards, but intentionally respectful of the environment (i.e the planet). But the buildings that you described were so odd, different, and out of place, that I wondered if they belonged to the visitors (or equivalent of). Possibly a minimally intrusive footprint in a culture that would otherwise see them as almost god-like due to their technical knowledge. But in the mirror universe, there is cohabitation.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Whitley. The world feels so different lately and not just in terms of societal or climate change. It feels like a different energy. Despite my fears and anxiety I have hope. I do believe we are much more than we realize, and that belief expanded after reading your book about Jesus. Thanks again for taking the time to help another searcher. Happy New Year to you and all of us.

  8. I want to believe your narrative about the visitors but their lack of action over vast periods of time suggests buzzards circling instead of concerned brethren. If they are involved in shocking things such as cattle mutilations, abductions and removal of sexual genetic material from us why didn’t they ever nudge us off of fossil fuels if they were truly concerned about the environment? It just doesn’t add up. Nice words but it doesn’t fit what they have done or more to the point what they haven’t done.

    1. “….buzzards circling.” – I never thought of it that way. Certainly worth considering.

  9. Thank goodness “they aren’t going to be getting behind any of our agendas.” So looking forward to your new book.

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We seem to expect more from other beings than we expect from ourselves. We play the good/bad game in regards to these other beings, their agendas, ‘saving’ us and our planet, etc., when we should be taking the helm of the ship, heading for calm seas, exploring with wisdom, and wanting for all others the same as we want and need for ourselves: peace, love, understanding—and abundance. I would love to see more meaningful partnerships among humanity first. After that, the ‘disclosure’ would be like icing on the cake, and we would be prepared in ways that we’ve never imagined.

    1. I think we have taken the helm of the ship but have taken it in a woefully wrong direction for centuries. The people in charge of the helm are in gross dereliction of duty. They need to be replaced with people of character, vision, and wisdom as well as honor, compassion, and devotion, but of course money and ego always get in the way. This could also be said at the individual level. Why is it that the Visitors address the outcome such as climate change and nuclear war rather than the root cause which I think is a lack of the virtues I’ve just mentioned. I agree, we need to work on ourselves before we can work with the Visitors.

      1. Vinny, I agree, since taking the helm means starting as individuals. Each one of us is creating the proverbial ‘ripple in the pond’. Some truly great leaders (Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, etc.) are able to make bigger ripples than the rest of us, but our ripples are no less important than theirs.

        1. Cosmic, your spot on and I would also like to add to that list Desmond Tutu.

  11. Author

    I agree wholeheartedly. If we don’t help ourselves, I doubt that they will help us.

  12. Yeah, I’m not looking for a savior. That’s for damn sure. Instead I’m asking as many questions as possible, and looking at this from every angle I can imagine. Nothing is off the table at this point. Nothing.

  13. I find myself rereading this journal post (and the comments) over and over again. I’m not sure why.

  14. Understanding has always been available in direct counter proportion to our fear, but we are so fearful and resistant. With a little breathing all will become clear.

    More of us are already prepared than can be observed through media. An enormous amount of growth has happened in isolation in private. The moment has been prepared for with an abundance of love and wisdom.

    A hyperdimensional shift in our understanding of identity will ease the struggle of transition. The linear delusion of time will give way to the kaleidoscopic folds of hyperspace. Our perception is shifting from flat Earth, to globe, to hypersphere.

    The narrative of nonintervention will evaporate. We’ll understand why and when fingers have been placed on the scales ever so gently. We’ll be able to sense when our intentions are aligned, when our agendas are actually the same with greater cosmic Unity and when we have been impulsively opposed. The blindness will end. Our ability to commit some of our greatest sins will diminish in preparation to become a species of space faring beings.

    Fears of a repeat of colonial dynamics will seem laughable in the face of so much change. But before we can experience any of that we must first pass through the shadow expectations of the Aquarian age. The mirages of the 20th Century must be let go of, new ways of being must be considered and choices must be made that will largely decide the tone and themes of mankind’s ascent through the next centuries.

  15. Why is this relationship so cryptic? We can play spiritual gymnastics hoping enlightenment happens……please don’t hold your breathe.

    Following the stories on Earthfiles suggests a multi species engagement. Is earth such a prize or are we that important? It feels like we are trapped in a extraterrestrial power struggle. It’s like we’re on a blind date with the invisible man or women. Just random thoughts for an often random subject.

  16. Author

    Personally, I see a a few suggestions of this, but just a few. It doesn’t seem completely impossible to me, but I think we need much stronger evidence before we draw a final conclusion.

  17. Author

    Linda and I talk about it extensively in next week’s show.

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