Incredibly special and unique program. Denise Stoner tells the detailed story of her harrowing encounters, among the best researched and documented ever. The discussion starts with an unusual question from Anne Strieber: "Do you put out streetlights?" (This is a surprisingly common phenomenon among close encounter witnesses.) Denise’s answer is a real surprise and chillingly suggests that many people may get entangled in abduction without knowing it at all. Then, as Whitley and Denise and Kathleen continue the discussion,  they go into more detail about just what happened to her during her experiences than we have ever heard from any witness on this radio program. Whitley also shares some personal experiences that he has never spoken of more

Close encounter witnesses rarely state their names in public, but Suzanne Chancellor not only does that, she’s got a blog and a radio show, and a phenomenal story to tell. Listen and be horrified, enthralled and amazed as Whitley Strieber questions her on what happened to her and why she has taken the unprecedented step of going public not only with her information, but with her name. Is it time for others to step forward, perhaps many of us, maybe hundreds or even thousands?
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Whitley Strieber continues his reading of his new book ‘Hybrids,’ which is due to be published on April 12, 2011. Chapter Two contains absolutely startling information about how people are made to forget abductions, why they are abducted and even how many are abducted each night, and what transpired underground in Dulce, New Mexico. All this information is stated in passing, as part of the story, but you have to wonder what Whitley actually knows and, for whatever reason, is unable to state as more