When Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe come together, you can always expect the extraordinary, and this show DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! It is WAY beyond almost anything you will hear anywhere else in terms of information, revelations and excitement. Having known each other since Linda visited the legendary Communion cabin in 1987,  they know just how to pack a discussion with information and how to go right to the edge of their knowledge where the real secrets lie.

Separately, Linda and Whitley are two of the all-time greatest researchers in the UFO field. When they get together–well, it’s pure gold and total dynamite!

Listen and learn.

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  1. Linda is such a great reporter, the mainstream media isn’t even a fraction of what she is as a journalist.

    1. Author

      Most reporters work within a very strict paradigm of what reality is. Linda is willing to press the edges of that model. That’s what makes her different. She’s also very good at doing it without becoming too speculative.

  2. Trust your instincts Whitley. Something happened July 12th and 13th. Love the interview!

  3. Thank you, Whitley, for continuing to point out that the complexities of all this cannot be easily categorized. And thank you, Linda, for continuing to seek the truth.

  4. Author

    It sounded like he was horrified. Perhaps he was discovering that he had missed the mark.

  5. Do you mean S2?

    My experience is that analysts work in S2, not S3. But maybe we aren’t talking about S shops? S3 may be something different in this case I don’t know.

    I’m just throwing in my 2 cents. I was in S3 in a different unit (not at Schofield) and I knew a lot of analysts. They all worked in S2.

    Minor detail, and every unit is different.

    Otherwise a very cool show. Thank you!

    Also Whitley, the live YouTube shows are wonderful, I’m glad you keep doing them.

  6. Looks like the Non-Terrestrial entities want for us that we discover our Non-Terrestrial Home inside of us.
    As a well know Non-Terrestrial being in human appearance said “My Kingdom is not of this world” and “I am not of the world”, and about those who believe “They are not of this world.”
    To those who did not believe that teacher was not from this world, and also did not believe him when he said they also were not of this world, he said “You are from this world.” Because the belief that we are from this world -merely a human being- is from this world. That ego was constructed in this world, and in that sense born of this world.
    What it comes down to is “Know your Self.” “Remember Who you really are.”
    One more time:
    “ET 101”
    Inside are also the answers to our wondering what the meanings is of what is seen outside.
    The outside is a projection of the inside.

  7. It seems unlikely that the military would send out its helicopters to investigate a craft of their own after it purposefully dove into the ocean with a speed not of this world.
    Just sayin’.
    : )
    Anne was -and is- right about the humans having to be made slowly aware of not being the only intelligent species in existence.
    See how many people still panic when experiencing close up sightings of UFO’s, let alone closer encounters.
    It goes together with us slowly waking up to Who we really are… in that sense co-creating a new being.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It was reminiscent of hearing Linda on Dreamland each week.

    In times where almost all truth is manipulated or omitted, thank goodness for Unknown Country.


  9. Ice symbolizes lack of experiencing love -warmth- and a hardening the flow of its divine consciousness symbolized as water.
    Just as there are humans who don’t believe there is begnign Creator God, so also there are ET’s who don’t believe it.
    At the same time that are human and ET’s who do believe -and some even know- there not only is a unconditionally loving God Creator, but that He is appearing here now in our human appearance.

  10. I have been listening to Linda on YouTube for awhile, and have also have been checking in with Earthfiles daily for years. She is not only great at reporting, and going where others fear to tread, she has an infectious enthusiasm that cannot be beat! I met her at the first ‘Dreamland Festival’, and she is genuine and knows who she is—and is also stellar human being.

    That being said, I have been coming across much information lately that supports so much of what I have been learning about the nature of reality and who and what we are for a long time. Linda and Whitley are both contributing to that support, although they may not be aware of it. So, thanks to both of them!

  11. Gosh, 270 million years of three advanced ET civilizations in conflict over how to run this Laboratory Earth. Hmm.

    Does anybody know what that’s called? Hellllloooo…? That is called “politics”. The Real – and very Old – Deal. Conflict – sometimes quite fierce – between intelligent species. And groups within species. And between individuals who are on the same team, and even in the same families.

    Sound familiar? 🙂

    And these beyond unimaginably super powerful ET species have been in conflict for sooooo long about this matter of EarthLab, and yet, funny thing, they haven’t annihilated either themselves or each other. What’s the deal, there?

    Heads up. It’s not that the visitors aren’t interested in our politics here. It’s that they are much more interested right now in getting us grounded in one basic fact, FIRST: We are all on the same team. Even if we have _serious_ conflicts.

    Yes – we are definitely too young to have Real political beliefs. We have to grow into an appreciation for how to ask each other and the Universe questions, without simultaneously wanting to slit our enemies, and God’s, throat. Or at least not ever acting on that desire.

    We have no idea just how meaningful that place of political action and inquiry – far beyond monkey-mind violence and reactivity – can actually be.

    Because we are all fundamentally on the same team, we have to have some idea that we _cannot_ enact our human political disagreements the way we have been up until now. It is far too dangerous. So, baby steps. First, get some clear vision. Then, have a go at Real Politics.

    Yes, it -IS- terribly complicated. Those complexities are sorted out all the time over moments AND eons – and it all has to do with politics. Spiritual disagreements. Ethical debates. Practical issues of action, fairness, and law and order.

    Do humans want to participate in the greater community of Being? Well, how about we get straight on the basics and then be prepared to get very political. Everywhere!

    Or you can quietly sit on a pillow meditating all day, and believe whatever happens there will be the end of the story. Second heads up: those advanced ET beings have been doing this already. For far longer than 270 million years. They didn’t end their political – or any other – stories by sitting on their meditation pillows.

    Personally, I’m not waiting for the visitors to end my story in a communion of endless bliss. I am however fully embracing the adventure that they _really_ want to share with me.

    So far, politics – shockingly harsh, scary, fierce, threatening, and complex politics – has been a major part of that adventure. What. A. Thing.

    But I navigate it all. With joy, peace, and love. And I thrive.

    We have nothing to fear, except the fear that we will kill ourselves – and what we love – by trying to authentically sort out our important and meaningful differences.

    In this Universe, diversity -IS- life. Get political, and own your place in Life.

  12. Whitley, do you think William Mills Tompkins has any validity? I believe a lot of wild things, but I’ve always had trouble believing we already have advanced space craft, colonies on Mars, etc.

    1. Author

      I am so divided about this. I do suspect that there are things happening on Mars that could involve human beings, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was an advanced human presence out there. But I don’t think that us earthlings have a whole lot to do with it, including our government. As to Tompkins, I just do not know.

  13. Why were the tall pale aliens in Brazil described as 6’6″, rather than as 2 meters tall? The American
    involvement in the incident? (Though I’ve read the American military makes heavy use of the metric system, especially in interactions with allies. I have no personal knowledge of military practice.) Or did the translator (or Linda) convert metric into English system?

  14. If there is any battle going on in the realms beyond this reality that is now being fought out here, it is between those who don’t believe the Creator is unconditional Love, those who do believe it, and those who know it.

    The battle could not proceed in the heavenly Kingdom, so it had to take place on earth.
    (It’s written in Scripture.)

    Will we love unconditionally, and thus God do it via us, wishing the other well -meaning a happy divine enlightenment- or not?
    That is the question wondered about in the realms where the Love of God is not known yet…

    1. The Creator is Infinite Unconditional Love. I’d call this level of Infinite – everything “Infinite” about the Creator – as being “Instantaneously Infinite”.

      The Creation is also infinite, but it is “infinite-over-time”.

      In truth, these are exactly the same thing but perceived differently.

      Earth and the Heavenly Kingdom are also the same thing, perceived differently. (Expand Earth out to the Universe, and all of Creation).

      Same thing. Different perception. The nugget of the difference is the vertical/horizontal thing. But they are the same, in truth. There is only One thing here.

      There is only One spectrum of Being. Call it the Surrendered-Unsurrendered spectrum. All Created Beings exist on this spectrum.

      “If there is any battle going on in the realms beyond this reality that is now being fought out here, it is between those who don’t believe the Creator is unconditional Love, those who do believe it, and those who know it.”

      It’s just not that simple.

      “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      This is true for all Created Beings, everywhere. ALL. The best choice in my experience is Surrender. Let yourself know yourself as God sees you, and strive to match your will to God’s. There is no condemnation. There can be very painful truths. Mercy, however, is total.

      God is infinitely interested in sharing His joy with us. He would just like us to forgive ourselves as quickly as He does! God laughs and plays. The rough stuff is over in an instant. If you let it be.

      1. “It’s just not that simple.”
        You agreed that the Creator is infinitely great altruistic Love.
        And recommended “strive to match your will to God’s.”
        If God is infinitely great Love, is doing His will then not loving ourselves and our neighbors unconditionally as God in our human appearance. To allow God to consciously love Himself even as a human? As each one of us loving Himself as a woman or a man, and equally loving our neighbors because also they are God in human appearance?
        It used to be an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But now we may be as perfect in love as the Father is, Who loves all equally as Himself. Experiencing all we experience, as each one of us.
        Including being humans that are a cross to Him until He comes to Himself and His Life in their souls, be it while in this world, be it afterwards.
        (Just calling up some memories.) : )

        1. “To allow God to consciously love Himself even as a human? As each one of us loving Himself as a woman or a man, and equally loving our neighbors because also they are God in human appearance?”

          This is absolutely the case. To appreciate the fact that we are each deeply imperfect, and to love ourselves and each other, unconditionally, regardless. That is 100% what we are called to do here. That in fact is exactly how God does it, and we most _definitely_ have the capacity to do exactly the same. I’d go as far as to say that’s the only Real goal here.

          The adventure is in the details.

          “strive to match”

          Strive. This is aspirational.

          “But now we may be as perfect in love as the Father is, Who loves all equally as Himself.”

          In my understanding, my will and love can never, ever be a perfect match to God’s, in my expressions and actions of love and will. Absolutely never. The basic reason being that I don’t have Perfect Information.

          With Perfect Information, God can express Love as that combination of Love-Truth/Truth-Love. This allows the Creator to say, “Hey, I know exactly how badly you aren’t perfect, and if you want to know, I can show you. Then you can see where you still have work to do.” And accepting this information, I can accept God’s complete Mercy, and take my ticket to start fresh, yet again.

          When we choose to love unconditionally here, we are doing it with imperfect information. If anything, this is a much bigger “ask” than God granting us complete Mercy. This “ask” requires true faith. That’s a leap into real darkness where we let our guard fully down and say, “I don’t know the whole picture. But I accept you as part of myself, and both of us as part of God. Knowing this, I choose to love the whole picture unconditionally, trusting that God will be there to back us all up, as we struggle to get it right.”

          That’s a leap of faith.

  15. For those of you watching the activity on our SUN/Earth’s magnetic field, here are a few good websites you might want to check in on occasionally.

    Out of Nowhere, a Global Magnetic Anomaly
    June 25, 2020 / Dr.Tony Phillips


    June 25, 2020: Lately, Earth’s magnetic field has been quiet. Very quiet. The sun is in the pits of what may turn out to be the deepest Solar Minimum in a century. Geomagnetic storms just aren’t happening.

    “That’s why I was so surprised on June 23rd when my instruments picked up a magnetic anomaly,” reports Stuart Green, who operates a research-grade magnetometer in his backyard in Preston UK. “For more than 30 minutes, the local magnetic field oscillated like a sine wave.”

    Earth’s magnetic field was so quiet on June 23rd, the ripple was heard all around the world. INTERMAGNET‘s global network of magnetic observatories picked up wave activity at the same time from Hawaii to China to the Arctic Circle. There’s even a hint of it in Antarctica.

    Where local support is lacking it is a further goal of INTERMAGNET to aid in the establishment of new observatories or to provide assistance with the upgrade and maintenance of existing facilities. Supplemental to this aim is the promotion of modern standards for measuring and recording the Earth’s magnetic field. INTERMAGNET is constituted from existing groups whose primary task is one of geomagnetic measurement.


  16. Another great discussion between two people with unparalleled knowledge, perspective and insight into the many facets of this phenomenon. The impression is unmistakable that the truth is bubbling to the surface and can no longer be contained, all the more so with the news this past week that the Senate Intelligence Committee is ordering a comprehensive report from the DoD on its knowledge of UFO activity.

    I was particularly struck by Anne’s comment in the context of the 2008 drone sightings that the UFO phenomenon should be viewed as theater, with the ultimate aim to acclimatize us to their presence so that we eventually feel their emergence to be a natural evolution of our human journey. Leave it to Anne to not only hit the nail on the head but to do it in the most succinct manner possible!

    Greatly looking forward to your book on the life of Jesus, Whitley. I was raised Catholic myself. I’ve lost interest in the dogma of my religion and no longer fear that if I fail to perform this or that ritual I will offend God and be punished. But at the same time Jesus’ messages of love, compassion and humility are more important in my life than ever.

      1. Thanks, Lodehere. I haven’t heard of the book but will give chapter 14 a read.

  17. On how we are all telepathically in contact, including with animals, and how even an aggressive black panther who attacked people becomes friendly after a telepathic communication:

    “The Animal Communicator And Her Incredible Ability | Animal Communicator
    | Real Wild”
    Love is not powereless. On the contrary.

  18. Congratulations on having 70,000 Dreamland listeners. That is impressive. Linda and Whitley, in the introductory section on this Dreamland episode, Linda explains that there is evidence of (over 200 million years of) genetic engineering on the Earth, presumably by Visitors. So my question for Linda and Whitley is, “Does that ‘genetic engineering’ include viruses?” If the answer is yes, then either of you (or Anne via Whitley’s implant) may have the opportunity to send a message to the Visitors that one of their viruses (SARS-CoV-2) is malfunctioning, and can they please return and remove their malfunctioning crap?

    1. Author

      The answer I get regarding all of my attempts to get their help is “we will never steal your fate.” I understand that very clearly, and explain in detail in A New World what we can and cannot expect from them and under what circumstances. As to there being long term involvement on our planet, if we could go to other planets, we would undoubtedly do the same. If their ability to get here goes back 200 million years–whoever “they” really are–then I think that its safe to assume that they have been involved in some way for that time. As to how, I cannot say. Reflect that much of the living world has unfolded in that period, and we have been through a number of mass extinctions, none of which appear to have been interfered with.

  19. I think many of us believe at some level that “it can’t happen to us.” The “it” being a massive human die-back or extinction, perhaps ahead of the evolution of a somehow superior species, e.g., dinosaur to mammal. I think that our attitude stems from a degree of arrogance rooted in the unprecedented technological progress achieved in the last 100 years and, for certain of us, the belief that we will be protected against widespread destruction by a loving god. But neither history nor science nor our ever-growing grasp of just how vast our universe is lends the slightest support to the notion that the human race has any sort of safety net. A scary thought but it invites us to dig deep within ourselves to survive and flourish. And if we blow it then Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest comes readily to mind.

  20. It occurred to me that the photos bore a vague resemblance to the Turkish UFOs, albeit inverted.

  21. Linda mentioned there was a lot of confusion around the photos related to the Edward Keith Abbott case… but to be honest that was not the fault of the YouTube viewers. I know it has been cleared up since but in the first part of the report, the high quality photo of the ‘butterfly’ craft originally seen in the UK Express news article (which I remember seeing in 2015), was shown with a sequence of other photos from Abbott, without explanation of its origin. It clearly made it look as if this was actually one of Abbot’s photos – which it is not. This same photo was also used on the Thumbnail of the YouTube video (which has since been changed to one of Abbot’s lower quality shots) so it really is not surprising that viewers, seeing this, might initially question Abbott’s authenticity. Given Linda’s historic excellence in her previous reporting, this was quite surprising.

    From what I have read, there are serious doubts regarding the authenticity of the originally reported ‘butterfly’ craft footage from which the high quality still has supposedly been taken.

    When we now find out that Linda actually received the photos within weeks of this footage coming to light (but didn’t actually open the email) it just makes me wonder whether this was some kind of disinformation campaign that failed to gain the traction required at the time.

    As far as Abbott himself is concerned, I know nothing about him other than presented in Linda’ s YouTube reports but there is something in his voice that does not ring true to me.

    I hope it is a truthful account… but I suspect it may not be. Time may reveal the truth.

    This is a link to the original Express UK report that contains the image in question, that was causing the confusion…

    The video from which it was supposedly extracted can be found elsewhere with a quick search. An original copy of that footage has apparently never transpired.

  22. Author

    I knew I had seen that somewhere before. This is the closest I came up with when I searched Butterfly UFO on YouTube:

    Our video specialist says: “The video as posted was almost certainly made by pointing a video camera through a cheap magnifying lens at a still image. The description itself even credits the “artwork reproduction.”

  23. … and the still image it was pointing at, through that cheap lens, was the one from the Express newspaper report I linked to above, in turn taken from the video in the second link. The lights / light markings in the distorted video are in exactly the same configuration.

    It would be interesting for your video specialist to also have a closer look at the clip I posted a link to above (here it is again https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/banter/trending/watch-butterfly-alien-craft-filmed-by-father-and-son-as-it-flies-across-the-evening-sky-34205286.html)

    From what Linda was saying, it seems that Abbott used the detailed image (and perhaps this video, I’m not sure) as a reference, to essentially say “That’s what I saw and phographed! “… but if the authentication of that video / image is in question, that puts Abbott’s story on rocky foundations, as far as I’m concerned.

    Also I would just like to clarify, that when I said an original copy of the footage has never transpired, what I meant to say is that the original has not been made available for analysis, only edited copies, such as that linked to above are available, as far as I know.

  24. Author

    This is also from 2015 in Kentucky. It’s not at all clear, but there is a possibility that it is the same object. I wish the security team 10 didn’t post so much CGI but they do. I’ll ask the video guy what he thinks their post. This is the other one that I found: https://youtu.be/ZGxPxK8r5e8

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