Lisette Larkins: Initiate Contact

October 2, 2004
Most people do not realize that it's much more possible to initiate contact now, something that was almost never successful as recently as two or three years ago. As a long-time close encounter witness, Lisette Larkins is skilled at both... continued

Dave VonKleist on 911

September 25, 2004
This week on Dreamland, radio host Dave VonKleist asks important questions about 911, that will make you wonder just what DID happen. An extremely controversial show that does not place blame, but asks some very provocative questions. Linda will return... continued

William Henry Back From Egypt

September 18, 2004
William Henry is back from Egypt, and he's brought phenomenal information. William is on a quest into mankind's lost past to find a way out of the trap of the present age. He believes that there was once knowledge of... continued

The Dibbuk Box

September 11, 2004
The Dibbuk Box was the subject of a legendary Ebay auction. Now listen as the original and current owners compare notes on the effects of this demon-haunted artifact from prewar Poland. What's trapped in the Dibbuk Box...and what might happen... continued

Linda Howe and Jim Marrs

September 4, 2004
We listen to three of Linda Howe's most popular Dreamland interviews ever. First, Dr. Dan Burisch describes what it's like to interview an alien firsthand. And Linda has some powerful thoughts about his authenticity. Then Jim Marrs weighs in on... continued

UFO Investigator Ray Fowler

August 28, 2004
Is time an illusion? Famed UFO investigator and witness Ray Fowler has lived a life of synchronicity. But why? And why does this mysterious effect come into the lives of so many UFO investigators and witnesses? And wait until you... continued

Spiritual Change With Hank Wesselman

August 21, 2004
Most approaches to spiritual change don't do a single thing to help us. But Whitley Strieber knows more than most about what works and what doesn't, which is why our programs on spirituality are so popular. Listen as Hank Wesselman... continued

The Roswell Dig–What You HAVEN’T Been Told

August 14, 2004
The UFO crash in July, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico has become one of the most enduring of American mysteries. In this fascinating interview, dig researcher Don Schmitt describes what was found at the site INCLUDING what was not mentioned... continued

Paul von Ward — Who Are We really?

August 7, 2004
Harvard-trained academician Paul von Ward makes the best case ever for humanity being influenced by what he defines as 'advanced beings.' He takes us on a journey across the past for a riveting new look at who we really are... continued

William Henry and Richard Hoagland

July 31, 2004
A Dreamland first! William Henry is our new alternate host, and he has a polished and absolutely fascinating first outing as he interviews Richard Hoagland with a focus on ancient knowledge with William's expert perspective. This interview reveals the true... continued