William Henry and Greg Little

February 19, 2005
William Henry interviews adventurer Greg Little about his latest trek to the jungles of Guatemala in search of the lost Hall of Records of the Maya. Then Linda Howe has a fantastic report on Jupiter's moon Iapetus--natural object...or constructed satellite?... continued

Ervin Laszlo: The Akashic Field

February 12, 2005
Professor Ervin Laszlo, one of the world's most distinguished physicists, feels that the legendary Akashic Field, a repository of all knowledge in the universe, is real. Then Linda Howe interviews James Deardorff, one of the authors of the first peer-reviewed... continued

Whitley Strieber andFrank Feschino

February 5, 2005
Dreamland this week leads off with a 15 minute special report on the extraordinary worldwide earthquake situation with Linda Moulton Howe's interview of a USGS seismologist. Then Whitley interviews Frank Feschino, who has spent twenty years researching what has turned... continued

Explosive New 911 Revelations!

January 29, 2005
The 911 Commission Final Report slams the media door shut on what really happened on that awful day. But then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld makes a couple of "slips of the tongue," where he says that Flight 93 was... continued

The Astral Realm with Robert Bruce

January 22, 2005
Robert Bruce is back with new adventures and a new book, and this time he's approaching the astral realm in a whole new way. His latest book, Mastering Astral Projection, is among the very best written about this subject. What... continued

Mathestry with Mark Provo

January 15, 2005
Mark Provo is on fire with an idea. He calls the simple, powerful tool he has discovered Mathestry. He has been working with Mathestry for over twenty years, and in all that time has been totally and completely ignored.But he's... continued

Gordon Michael Scallion: Earth Changes

January 8, 2005
Gordon Michael Scallion is among the tiny number of people who's documented predictions of earth changes have proved out more often than they have not. Mr. Scallion can boast, at this point, a long written record of correct predictions. For... continued

Roger Lier: Aliens and the Scalpel

January 1, 2005
Dr. Roger Leir has just published a new, expanded edition of his book, the Aliens and the Scalpel, and we get him to update us with all the latest breakthroughs in implant research, and he fills us in on all... continued

Whitley and Anne: Christmas 2004

December 25, 2004
Whitley and Anne Strieber begin by discussing the vital role that 12 Conditions of a Miracle played in their lives during Anne's illness, then we listen to Anne's wonderful interview with Todd Michael, the author of the book. A beautiful... continued

Steven Farmer: Power Animals

December 18, 2004
Anne Strieber returns to share this edition of Dreamland with Whitley as they talk about Power Animals with spiritual psychotherapist Steven Farmer. Dr. Farmer has written a book, Power Animals, that enables us to learn about and find our power... continued