This video was published privately on YouTube 10 years ago. Until an subscriber saw a clip of it on Tik-Tok, we were unaware of it. The language being spoken is Slovak. The logo at the bottom of the video may be from a documentary called Terra Magica about wine growers in Slovenia. The  video does not appear to be part of any such documentary. One of our video analysts has this comment:

The big splash looks plausible given the speed and force with which the UFO dives. The UFO’s inertia-free motion can look fake, but my guess is that it’s genuine.

Hard to tell about the language.. but the audio makes sense vis-a-vis the overhead passage of the jets.

With video as shaky as this, it’s hard to do CGI. You first have to start out with a stable image, add the special effects, and then add the shake in a way that looks natural. That’s almost impossible for amateurs to do.  Fake handheld shaking has been one of the tipoffs to many of the fakes we’ve seen.

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  1. Regarding the language spoken, it seemed Italian with a marked sicilian accent.

  2. Note how fast the object went from where it was in the air to down into the water. That’s anomalous movement, in my opinion.

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