The Out There section collects stories about strange events from all over the internet.
Videos and some other stories are graded:
A–Probably true, B–Likely true, C–Likely false, D–Probably false.

Stories are researched by staff before posting and video evaluations are based on experienced observation and video analysis.

Extremely Unusual Meteor Effect

January 6, 2015
Unless this video is a CGI effect, it is one of the strangest meteors ever recorded. It could also be a satellite re-entry that ejects some sort of object that is able to power away from the dying satellite in... continued

Extreme High Strangeness in Ohio

December 22, 2014
Ohio MUFON investigator Ron McCone reports that a witness driving near Carmel, Ohio on December 12 "came up over a hill and saw a 7' tall slim, gray creature with muscular legs that walked like its knees were backwards." Nevertheless,... continued

One of the Most Incredible Videos You Will Ever See

December 21, 2014
No, it's not a CGI effect and yes, this guy has one very hardworking guardian angel. continued

Red Laser Fired at Earth, ISS Picks It Up

December 17, 2014
A stationary camera aboard the International Space Station recorded a flash of red laser light being fired, apparently toward Earth but more probably toward something in orbit above the atmosphere that cannot be seen. The reason is that the atmosphere would... continued

Possible UFO Over Statue of Liberty

December 13, 2014
This object over the Statue of Liberty doesn't move like a balloon, and after crossing the sky, it stops. It's not a known form of drone, so it could be a genuine unknown. It is not a computer graphic. continued

Booms are Back Update: New Hampshire Last Night

December 11, 2014
Unexplained booms are back. We are getting reports from both the US and the UK about these loud, shattering noises. If you have a boom to report, please write either or The report sourced here is typical of... continued

Simultaneous Loud Bangs, US and UK

December 5, 2014
Linda Moulton Howe is one reporter who can be counted on for accurate stories about unusual stuff, and this one is particularly interesting. It is theorized that the explosions being reported might be the result of the use of a... continued

The Wonder, the Wonder…

December 5, 2014
Lately, there has been a dearth of good UFO sighting stories. A lot of junk on websites that exist to attack the user with ads. So your Out There editor is branching out a little bit, into areas of deeper strangeness... continued

Odd Image from NASA

November 12, 2014
This could be a piece of space debris, but it is also just possible that it's some sort of space plane or even an unidentified flying object. We've been looking around for similar images of space debris, and haven't found... continued

Liverpool UFO is perplexing

November 11, 2014
This amateur video shows an object that does not appear to be a computer graphic and, given the wind, it's neither a drone nor a sky lantern. This is a probable unknown. continued