The Out There section collects stories about strange events from all over the internet.
Videos and some other stories are graded:
A–Probably true, B–Likely true, C–Likely false, D–Probably false.

Stories are researched by staff before posting and video evaluations are based on experienced observation and video analysis.

Bright object taped in Leeds August 4.

August 7, 2013
This object would appear to be a plane on descent with its landing lights on during the day, but the videographer says that the local Leeds-Bradford Airport is not visible in that direction from his window. It would also be... continued

Alien Disappears in Beijing Street–or Not.

August 7, 2013
An alien disappearing in a Beijing street? Not really. It's almost certainly a simple computer graphic. We're publishing it because it's getting a lot of hits. Just a reminder that not everything out there is what it seems. continued

New Bigfoot Footage from British Columbia

August 1, 2013
This brief video from British Columbia could show a bigfoot, assuming that they are a form of hominid, not an ape. When the individual stands up, he, she (or it??) has a humanoid stance, not that of an ape. It... continued

UFO hovers over plane crash site.

July 30, 2013
The object in this photograph was seen hovering over the site of a Lake Michigan plane crash that killed two people. Whether or not the object caused the crash is not known. The object would appear to be either a... continued

UFO videotaped from private plane over Japan

July 29, 2013
This frame grab shows what appears to be a convincing UFO shot from a small plane over Japan. The video, however, has been made private on YouTube. Link to source for larger image. continued

MUFON’s best video case of 2012.

July 29, 2013
This video is MUFON's selection for the best UFO video of 2012. It's pretty impressive, but the images available suggest that it is just possible that it could be a group of balloons tied to a central platform to which... continued

Paris airport UFO passes at extreme speed.

July 24, 2013
This UFO passes view at a very high speed. Your Out There Editor isn't sure if the final frame is of the same object, but the extreme speed would seem to rule out a bird or ordinary aircraft, although the... continued

UFOs seen Parrying with USAF Jets

July 23, 2013
A witness observed some UFOs yesterday in Wachula, Florida about sunset on July 20. Then at 9PM he began to hear unusual rumbling and went outside to see the sky full of fighter jets that appeared to be chasing very fast,... continued

Something Strange Near the Sun?

July 20, 2013
Normally Out There doesn't post images of UFOs seen in Solar and Heliospheric Observatory photos, because the great majority of them are video artifacts. But this one may not be a video artifact. It does appear that the structure continues... continued

Another Celebrity UFO Encounter

July 16, 2013
Singer Ryan Adams reported that he and other motorists saw a huge UFO being chased by helicopters, but then deleted his tweets about the subject from his Twitter feed. He tweeted "three cops were tearing ass in its direction in... continued