The Out There section collects stories about strange events from all over the internet.
Videos and some other stories are graded:
A–Probably true, B–Likely true, C–Likely false, D–Probably false.

Stories are researched by staff before posting and video evaluations are based on experienced observation and video analysis.

Winnipeg UFO Crash Footage

February 25, 2015
There are rumors that something unusual has crashed into frozen Lake Winnipeg on the Jackhead Indian Reservation in Manitoba. Out There has not been able to confirm these rumors, and some very dubious YouTube sites are milking the story for hits.... continued

Austrian UFO a Possible Unknown

February 23, 2015
This could be a formation of balloons, but the brightness of the lights compared to the size make that problematic. There would be the matter of battery weight, but it's still possible--just. Still, an interesting possible unknown. continued

New Zealand UFO Skeptic Gets a Surprise

February 17, 2015
A UFO skeptic found this strange object on picture among a group he had taken of the Humboldt Mountains in New Zealand. He did not see it while taking the picture. It does not appear to be an airplane, and... continued

UFO Interrupts Lima Peru Newscast

February 13, 2015
This stationary object is extremely unusual. It's not being affected by air movement at all. Given all the witness, it's not a CGI effect, and it is unlikely to be a dirigible, drone or balloon. This is an unknown object... continued

The Phoenix Lights Return

February 13, 2015
Have the Phoenix Lights come back? One of our photo experts comments: "If this isn't a computer-controlled array of drones (unlikely due to the brightness of the lights at a considerable distance), it could be the real thing." There are... continued

Probable Flares Mistaken for UFOs at Meditation Event

February 8, 2015
Our experts have identified the objects in this video as probable flares. Unannounced flare exercises are common in the Vero Beach area. See stories here and here. One of our experts comments: Dr. Greer's lecture on consciousness and meditation may... continued

Mysterious Object over Loch Lomond

February 8, 2015
This video doesn't look all that exciting at first, but when the object begins to move, its irregular trajectory doesn't suggest planet or satellite. This is a genuine unknown, if not a simple CGI hoax. continued

‘Horse’ UFO Near Erupting Volcano

February 2, 2015
There have been flying horse UFOs over Milan and Mecca, both of which turned out to be toy balloons, but this doesn't seem to fit that description. It could be a drone being flown by somebody attempting to observe the... continued

Interesting Florida ‘Skunk Ape’ Video Just Made

January 31, 2015
This footage taken in a Florida swamp could be a bear or a person or a primate that stands erect. If it is a primate, it isn't a zoo animal. If the person who took the video is right about how... continued

Possible Disk Photo from the UK

January 13, 2015
This object could be a genuine unknown. However, the humming sound described also suggests that it might be a blimp, but it would be a violation of the law for it to be flying that late in the evening without... continued