The Out There section collects stories about strange events from all over the internet.
Videos and some other stories are graded:
A–Probably true, B–Likely true, C–Likely false, D–Probably false.

Stories are researched by staff before posting and video evaluations are based on experienced observation and video analysis.

Our Experts Say Balloons, the Researcher Says No

April 21, 2015
Our photo experts say that this is a cluster of balloons with a trash bag attached, but the man who actually took the video has this to report: To some observers it might be easy to dismiss this object as... continued

Another Unusual Smoke Formation in Russia–MYSTERY SOLVED!

April 7, 2015
Out There asked Unknowncountry readers for their ideas about this mystery smoke ring. Within an hour, this YouTube video appeared in our in box. Mystery solved, thank you! continued

Possible Unknowns Over El Paso, TX

April 6, 2015
A number of different videos have been posted of these orange lights over El Paso, so this is not a CGI effect. They are too high to be drones, and while it's possible that they are sky lanterns, the lack... continued

Flying Humanoid over Peru

March 24, 2015
This is quite an interesting video. It's not faked, and it doesn't appear to be a balloon. So what is it? Peru has been the site of some extraordinary UFO events and meteors lately. For Jaimie Maussan's brief but interesting documentary... continued

Unexplained Light Ball on California Beach

March 20, 2015
Unknowncountry reader Patrick Fernane was on the beach last November making an early morning video when a flash of light shot past and disappeared into the surf. He found that he had recorded it, and set it to Unknowncountry for... continued

Noctilucent Clouds? Flashlights? UFOs?

March 17, 2015
These glowing objects were allegedly filmed with a cellphone outside of a home in the town of Earl Shilton in England in the early hours of the morning one day last February. This is not a Chinese lantern, a drone... continued

Interesting Catch on Oklahoma TV Broadcast

March 14, 2015
The final verdict on this video from an amateur astronomer is that this is a meteor. Earlier in the video, a professional offers a more accurate opinion: it's an unknown. It's height is unusual for a meteor with such a... continued

It’s Worth Remembering that Real UFO Photos Exist

March 5, 2015
There was a time before CGI, internet trolls and hoaxers and people earning a few bucks from click throughs that there were real UFO photos around. This is one of them. It was taken in 1957 over Edwards AFB and has... continued

Possible UFO Over Birmingham UK

March 5, 2015
This is not a CGI effect, and the object is moving in ways that would be difficult to do with a radio-controlled drone, although not impossible. It could be a drone, but it's also possible that it's an unknown object. continued

Real UFO? Why So Blurred?

March 2, 2015
There is a possibility that this one is a genuine unknown, but the blurriness makes it impossible to tell. Your Out There editor is beginning to think that 'they' seek out people who have no idea how to use their... continued