This footage taken in a Florida swamp could be a bear or a person or a primate that stands erect. If it is a primate, it isn’t a zoo animal. If the person who took the video is right about how the animal behaved, then it is not a bear. Our analysis of its shape indicates that it is less likely human than primate. It seems improbable that it’s somebody in an ape suit, given that they are splashing around in the water. The fact that the foreground is full of twigs and limbs makes it a very difficult computer graphic to accomplish. While we can never rule anything out these days, the most probable explanation is that this is a real, physical animal of some sort.

You may have noticed that Out There has been missing in action for some time recently. This is because UFO hoaxing has reached an all time high. It’s even possible to buy a UFO hoax kit at Brookstone. So we are no longer posting fuzzy videos at all. Most smartphones have good cameras these days, so why is it that nine out of ten UFO videos are out of focus and shaky. Because they’re simple hoaxes seems a most likely reason.

I actually got one of the hoaxers to open up to me. He had done it to get clicks and generate revenue. But not from us.

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