Unknowncountry reader Patrick Fernane was on the beach last November making an early morning video when a flash of light shot past and disappeared into the surf. He found that he had recorded it, and set it to Unknowncountry for analysis. These are the responses of our experts:
1. No idea what that sprite  is. It originates suspiciously close to the photographer, but on the other hand it doesn’t seem to be a common object like a glowing cigarette butt, and it seems to disappear into nothing. I doubt it’s CGI, and it does seem to be moving in real space as opposed to being an in-camera artifact. I have no idea what it might be.

2. I think that a cigarette butt or similar object flicked away at that speed would have spun around pretty wildly. And a glowing ember small enough to have burnt out completely would probably not have had enough momentum to have traveled that far because of wind resistance.

3. The stretched appearance it assumes is reminiscent of what are called rods, but which are actually like this, balls of light moving so fast that they make more than one impression on a single frame of film. This is moving too fast, one would think, to have been thrown. I could be a tracer bullet, but in the original video, which had sound, there is no gunshot sound at all.

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