Art critic and performance artist Lisa Paul Streitfeld underwent a transformative awakening at her father’s funeral in 1983. For the next twenty-five years, she traversed the globe–and her very soul–on the mystical trail of Kundalini pioneer Harold S. Streitfeld.

En route, she became a conduit for the collective consciousness, delivering a new mythology that portends a new state of balance, equality and hope for humanity.

Listen as she tells Mia her story.  Explore her extraordinary life at

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  1. I just discovered the NEW OBSERVATIONS podcast, it’s a wonderful addition to Unknown Country. Please do more episode on kundalini I’m very interested into this subject, it need to come out dark. THANK YOU !

  2. The title of this show is misleading. I listened to the entire show, and I’m still not sure what the amazing story is. Lisa sounds like a nice woman, but most of the time, the conversation was bouncing off the wall with loose associations and was essentially largely circumstantial. I do believe that she’s got something to say, but she needs to learn how to say it CLEARLY. Perhaps this is because it is her first time to speak publicly about it. It *was* awfully hard to hear Lisa; her voice faded in and out throughout the entire interview.

    Half the time, I felt like I was overhearing a conversation at a cocktail party; the other half, like listening to a mother and her daughter bantering their way to kinda sorta agreeing that maybe they see things the same way in the end but along the way, they don’t because they have their own journeys. This was a really strange kind of interview. More like a private conversation; not a podcast for listeners to learn from. Nice people, but not much shared about kundalini, actually.

    Regarding the oppression of the feminine…Lisa seems to get it, and Mia seems to want to blame women for it. The oversimplification of this incredible oppression, in human history, was astounding. So, our education system has been dumbed down for us for the past 100 years or so, you say? And who did that? Women? Could the patriarchy have had anything to do with this? Oh, it’s women’s fault that we didn’t “rebel”. Right.

    Maybe I’ll try another show; maybe not. But it’s gotta get better than this.

  3. Thank you for your comments Crow Girl.

    Kundalini energy can destabilize one’s life and requires time and discipline to ground oneself to be able to navigate the experience. It would take longer than an hour to dive into what takes a lifetime to master. Have you experienced your own kundalini awakening? If so, please share.

    It is in the last hundred years or so that women have taken a stand for themselves and for everyone. Using the Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo movement as an example, the abuse that Weinstein was allowed to get away with for decades is horrible, however, these actresses chose fame and wealth for silence. Not all, but most. As with the AIDS epidemic slogan from the 1980s SILENCE = DEATH. Women are refusing to be silent any more and it is about time. Complacency is acceptance.

    We have lots of great conversations in the works. Please tune in again. I hope one day to be half as good as an interviewer as Whitley Strieber is, but that will take some time.

    1. Thank you for your response as well, Mia. It’s good to see that you’re looking for feedback.

      I do not know how your speaker was prepared for doing this show. Perhaps it would be helpful to let people know what, exactly, you hope to accomplish with it, for those who need some help staying focused and on topic. “Loose associations” is the phrase that comes to me the most when I think back on this interview. My husband and I only half-jokingly thought, as we listened, that she was in the middle of a powerful kundalini awakening RIGHT THAT VERY MOMENT and was quite ungrounded and unfocused. Struck me as manic, and as a retired mental health professional, I do know what manic looks and sounds like.

      You asked if I have had my own kundalini awakening. How would I know? And in part, that’s what a show like this could accomplish for the listeners: educate and discuss that…what it is….how it occurs….what it looks/feels/sounds like….and how that is distinguished from other kinds of, shall we say, “symptomology.” That would be very helpful to the listeners. I say this in the spirit of being helpful, not in the spirit to deride or detract.

  4. Hello Crow Girl,

    Delighted to have a conversation with you about this important topic. The spiritual practice we develop during our lives has a great deal to do with how our kundalini energy unfolds. We are electrical beings and that energy can come into us from our crown chakra or from our root chakra. When a person’s kundalini is awakening, you can feel as if you are sitting on a bunch of firecrackers and feel the electrical charge going up your spine, over the top of your head and down again in a repeating circuit. Often you will feel the energy bounce off the top of your head. This is not in a sexual way but in an electrical way. Ram Dass joked that in getting it off with God, he was far more engaged than in having sex. When going through an awakening, you will become more sensitized to your environment, more psychically attuned and notice as the energy rises throughout your chakra system that each of your seven chakras will become activated. A common symptom with your throat chakra is to have a sore throat or a cough until the energy is cleared and you become more articulate in expressing your true thoughts and feelings. In Lisa Paul Streitfeld’s case she was awakened through a transmission of energy through another at the funeral of her father. I have preferred to go this path alone rather that take on the energy from someone else. Kundalini coming through the lower chakras can have a distortion factor while coming through the crown chakra is generally a more divine transmission with less distortion and a higher vibration. Mystics learn that staying balanced and in the middle of the higher and the lower enables one to experience the gifts without the extremes. The further along one becomes the less one is interested in manifestations of the supernatural for lack of a better word but they will be there, and simply staying balanced while sharing that balanced energy with others becomes a focus. In the interview I mention Lee Sannella and his work. Lee was a psychiatrist who coincidentally happened to partner with Lisa’s father on kundalini research. Lee was a kundalini master and the book he wrote in the 1960s on the subject contains chapters on some of the patients he worked with who were having spontaneous kundalini episodes in their lives and having trouble handling them. They can be disruptive for some people. I was fortunate in that when I was 19 years old I was tested at Columbia University for right/left brain hemisphere activity and told that out of everyone tested, my brain was the most balanced. I have always processed information simultaneously using both sides of the brain and it has been unusual for someone to be as artistic as I am as well as possess strong organizational skills. I make it a rule to not drink alcohol or use substances of any kind in order to keep my psyche as clear as possible. However, so much is changing now for many reasons. People in greater numbers are waking up as never before and that consciousness and energy is being shared as we all become more of who we truly are. I hope this is helpful and if there is anything else I can answer I would be happy to do so. Staying balanced also helps one to avoid depression once you have experienced the sublime. When balanced you can recognize the life force in everything around you and appreciate the unique beauty of all that is. Please excuse my lack of paragraphs!

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