Rebecca Hardcastle-Wright is the Founder and Director of the international non-profit Institute for Exoconsciousness. The Institute’s mission is to advance entrepreneurial experiencers who are inventing next-era co-created technology/science, communication, education, art, and healing. 

A life-long contactee, Rebecca’s signature research focuses on Exoconscious Humans— experiencers who integrate and utilize their long-term contact. She appreciates the fragile nature of anomalous experiences and promotes the need to strengthen psychic intelligence and abilities. 

After coining the word Exoconsciousness in 2008, Rebecca published Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. Her latest book, The Exoconscious Human: Claiming Psychic Intelligence in a Transhuman World, will be published in 2020. It compares psychic intelligence and technological perspectives of human consciousness, establishing a major role for Exoconscious Humans in our future. 

Rebecca was a member of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Quantrek international science team, researching zero-point energy, consciousness, and the ET Presence. Her book, How Exoconscious Humans Guide our Space-Faring Future details how experiencers influence space science and technology. Rebecca also authored an Exoconscious analysis of the FREE experiencer survey data in Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Vol 1. In 2005, Rebecca taught one of the first Ufology courses in the nation at Scottsdale Community College.

She offers Exoconscious Coaching online for Experiencers. Currently, she practices at Mind Body Medicine in Scottsdale. Find out more at Rebecca

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