In this meditation, Whitley Strieber brings together what has been learned from the first meditation, on understanding, and the second on knowledge, and creates the third, or reconciling side of the triad. This meditation has to do with the butterfly effect, or the power of a human being in harmony–a balanced triad. Click on the image for a larger version of the pattern to use during the meditation.

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  1. whitley,
    You mentioned that

    You mentioned that there are several other meditations that I should work on before doing this meditation. where are they on this website??

  2. You have to type “meditation
    You have to type “meditation series” or “crop circle meditation” in the search field at the top. You will find everything that way.

  3. You would think that all that
    You would think that all that was needed was to search for “meditation’ and all of them would be listed in the same place.

  4. You go to Whitley’s Space,
    You go to Whitley’s Space, Whitley’s Room… and they’re on the right, in the cloud.

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