Whitley will be giving a major talk at the 2021 Conscious Life Expo on Sunday, February 21 at 1:00PM Pacific time. The title of the talk is “What Will Happen to Us” and it covers some major overlooked areas: first, the most important part of the unfolding contact situation is NOT official disclosure. It is direct contact with individuals. There are many ways of seeking this, not only through meditative practices and CE5  events, but also using radio and other methods that are almost unknown, but which will play a major role in this tremendous social change. It’s one thing to participate in a CE5 event, but then what? How do you take advantage of what the visitors have to offer? Whitley will describe the richness of his own contact experience, and how he does it. As the visitors told him years ago that we needed to discover the presence of other intelligent life in the universe for ourselves, he will also discuss scientific efforts such as the search for extraterrestrial manufactured debris in our solar system, the search for Dyson Spheres in the universe and many other modalities. This presentation contains a wealth of new material and is the basis for the book he is now writing about contact modalities. The hour-and-half presentation will truly break new ground–and for just $20.00, how can you miss?! To claim your place, click here. To explore the many other speakers at the expo, click here. You can also purchase tickets that cover multiple events. To find out more, click here.

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  1. I’m summarizing below not 1 but 2 articles from the current issue of the respected international magazine, The Economist, (current issue, Feb. 13-19, 2021) that deal bluntly and seriously with the search for extraterrestrial life. These summaries should help, in case Whitley gets any questions at the Conscious Life Expo about these new magazine articles.

    Here is the link for the 1st article. The Economist, like the NYTimes, WashingtonPost, and others, uses lots of paywalls. So that’s where my summaries will help. Link One:

    For the 1st story, the subtitle is, “If life exists beyond Earth, science may find it soon.” That article says, “But astrobiologists, “as the diverse band of scientists now trying to do so describe themselves, are increasingly confident that an answer will be found within a couple of decades.”
    3 ways of getting this answer, it goes on to say, include looking from a distance w/ telescopes; if close enough, to visit it, as 3 Mars-bound craft are doing this week (US, China, and the UAE); 3rd, to find radio signals or other signs of technology. The article concludes by noting that the Habitable Planets Catalog “or some future similar compilation” may summarize the most likely places to find alien life.

    Link for 2nd article, page 79 of that same issue:

    Luckily, the visible part of that link shows the illustration of the space object named Oumuamua. This second article is a book review of Dr. Loeb’s new book, Extraterrestrial. It introduces Dr. Loeb as having “a recent spell as the head of the Astronomy Department at Harvard University. He is also chairman of the board on physics and astronomy of the US National Academies.” The last paragraphs of this 2-page book review quote Dr. Loeb’s statements about the negative effects of “conservatism within science.”

    PS: I first heard of astrobiology in the Hollywood film The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Keanu Reeves as the alien visitor Klaatu. In one scene, the female lead actress, who plays a scientist, describes her field as “astrobiology — theories of life beyond Earth.”

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