If you smoke while pregnant, your daughters may not grow upto be able to have children of their own. Researchersbelieve this is because smoke from tobacco damages theirdeveloping fallopian tubes, where fertilization of the eggtakes place.

Researchers did a study of 239 women who were undergoingin-vitro fertilization and found that 68% of the smokersshowed signs of tubal disease, compared to 29% of thenon-smokers. They found that women whose mothers smoked weremuch more likely to show signs of tubal disease than thosewhose mothers did not. The figures were 52.5% compared to28.8%.

Dr. Sara Matthews says, “This study demonstrates thatsmoking probably does cause tubal disease. It is also thefirst study to demonstrate that prenatal exposure to tobaccosmoke is associated with a significant increase in tubaldisease in offspring.?

There are a number of reasons this could be the case.Tobacco smoke depresses the immune system and decreases theflood of blood to the ovaries. It may also change the waythe egg travels down the fallopian tubes, increasing therisk that it will end up in the wrong place, unable to befertilized. Previous research shows that smokers have anincreased risk of ectopic pregnancy, which happens when anembryo starts to grow in the wrong part of the reproductivetract. Smokers also have a higher chance of having aspontaneous abortion during the first three months of pregnancy.

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