If you end up in the hospital, try to get dischargedmidweek. A Canadian study shows that patients who aredischarged from hospitals on Fridays are more likely to diein the following month than those who are sent home midweek.

Chaim Bell and Carl van Walraven at the University ofToronto analyzed the records of more than 2.4 million adultswho were admitted as emergencies and then discharged fromhospitals in Canada between 1990 and 2000. 7.1% of them hadan event, such as a heart attack, that led to them beingreadmitted. 1.7% died in the 30 days following theirdischarge. They also found that Friday was the most commondischarge day.

“Maybe the people in our study that were sent home onFridays were sicker than those sent home on Wednesday,” saysBell. ?Or perhaps community support and health visitors maynot be as available over the weekend, which may have led tomore hospital readmissions.?

If you do have to leave the hospital on Friday, make sureyou can reach your doctor. And try not to spend that firstweekend alone.

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