The European Parliament has voted to introduce stricterlabeling on foods containing genetically modifiedingredients. Right now, only food with more than 1% of GMingredients has to be labeled. This means that GMingredients which do not necessarily show up in testing,such as sugar and oils, would still have to be listed on thelabel. But the parliament has so far failed to agree on lawsto label milk, meat and eggs from animals reared on GM feed.

Friends of the Earth says, “This is a major success forEuropean consumers and a serious defeat for the biotechindustry which has lobbied hard to water down these proposals.”

The new rules will probably cause a trade dispute with theU.S., because the export of GM crops from America is worthbillions of dollars. Although most foods on our supermarketshelves contain genetically-modified ingredients, they don?thave to be labeled in the U.S.

So how can we tell if we?re eating GM food?and if they?rebad for us or not? Read ?Eating in the Dark? by KathleenHart,click here.

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